Home Apothecary


Home Apothecary, the 5th installment in my popular Homemade Living series, offers a primer to creating all-natural body-care and wellness products—complete with 40 accessible DIY recipes to try at home, 20 for Natural Beauty and 20 for Natural Health. In its pages, I’ll teach you how to create your own natural versions of store-bought items with this accessible, carefully curated collection. 

Home Apothecary features simple, tried-and-true recipes that my family and I turn to again and again, including:

  • A rosemary and apple-cider vinegar hair rinse for dry scalp

  • A moisturizing hand salve of beeswax, olive oil, and coconut oil

  • A gentle and refreshing rosewater toner

  • An aloe vera-based sunburn soother

  • A stress-relieving tincture of fresh lemon balm and roses.

The book also provides information on where to source high-quality materials (most of which are readily available), the benefits of my chosen ingredients, and safety tips. From skin-care classics to first-aid essentials, you’ll soon fill your cabinets with products that you’ll feel good about making and using. 

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