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You Know What’s Cool?

I’ll tell you what’s cool, to me, right now:

*Local Apples! They’re showing up, in our trees, at the market, in my mom’s tree, everywhere! I’m not typically one for superlatives, but, if I were backed into a corner and forced to declare my favorite fruit upon threat of dismemberment (it could happen…), it would, hand’s down, be apples that I would pick, for the win (limb?).

*Finding reference to something I wrote about Chelsea Miller for Madesmith in one of my most beloved environmental/social justice publications, YES! I can’t even begin to tell you how very, very cool that is.

*Lavender and chocolate! Longtime readers might recall my mentioning Stacy Brewer coming out to visit, with gifts in tow, last summer. Well, the always bright, sunny, industrious lady that does double-duty as both a school teacher to middle school students and blogger/urban farmer at Seattle Seedling just mailed me a heap of buds (lavender buds, that is), from her full-to-bursting plants. Alongside some born & grown lavender, she sent another Emerald City item, Theo Chocolate (a business I’ve long loved not just for their delicious wares, but because it’s my little sisters’s name, too!). Thanks, Stacy! You’re a goddess!

*Thrift Stores! That’s what’s cool, friends. Not that they ever weren’t, or that they really even needed Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to make them hella hip again, but, I haven’t frequented them terribly much over the past few years since Huxley was born. Well, no more! I found literal bags-worth of items for both the wee one and myself last week at Goodwill, and then this lovely Cortinarius mushroom print (along with many other scores, including a vintage glass punch bowl with 10 cups for $5.29!!!) today at the Western Carolina Rescue Mission. Goodness abounds at your local thrift shops!

Now it’s your turn. What’s cool in your world?

7 Responses to You Know What’s Cool?

  • Ha! I didn’t expect to hear Thrift Store here! It’s an addicting little song isnt’ it?!

  • Eliza Twist says:

    I posted this a while ago…but when pressed with the question, this was all that came to mind on this gray day. It’s good to remember when times are sad. Thanks for asking.

  • Jess says:

    Thrift stores are the total best. Not only for my humble bank account, but for the environment and non-profits and when you just feel like treasure hunting. :)

  • Geneviève says:

    Fiber festivals! I’m going to the absolutely awesome Twist Festival in St-André-Avellin, Québec this week-end. Two whole days of me time surrounded by wooly goodness and creative people. If that’s not the coolest thing ever then I don’t know what is! ^.^
    Also, whole wheat chocolate chip cookies are pretty cool. I just made a huge batch and decided to “test” one while reading your blog as a way to celebrate the beginning of this beautiful week-end.

  • Thrift stores are cool with me too – although we uninspiringly call them Charity Shops here.
    Chocolate dulce con leche is a pretty cool discovery for me lately
    Love you cool things too xx

  • finally some red tomatoes-yum!
    the apricot bars you linked us too a while back-yum!
    warm, august rain after we have been dry in western OR for over a month!
    a sale on wool yarn! the fiber fest mentioned above sounds very grand!

    PS ordered your canning book, very excited!

  • JennMoye says:

    What’s cool in my world is that I’m in your town! Our schedules finally aligned and the lady and I snuck out of town for a little R&R!
    Now to go float down a river and not think about work……