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  • We made snow cream sundaes and hot chocolate and watchedhellip
  • When I think about my intentions and resolutions for thehellip
  • Stay frosty Huxley but dont grow up too fast okay?hellip
  • Snow day snow cream sundae making me all kinds ofhellip
  • Happy birthday to this Brazilian beauty You know those kindhellip
  • Hello darkness my old friend The cold comfort of winterhellip
  • Suffice to say Alistair dominated my feed in 2017 Seemshellip
  • Cold as ice Hominy Creek which runs beside our roadhellip
  • I went in for the coconut cake SO! GOOD! andhellip
  • In 10 days Alistair and I fly from Asheville tohellip
  • Oh what a long strange trip its been Exactly onehellip
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With Love


Hello friends. I hope that your holidays have been merry and bright. Ours certainly have been. Aside from, you know, the stomach bug to end all stomach bugs ravaging our entire household within 5 days, including two days before Christmas (that’s when my time to suffer came ‘a calling!).

Otherwise, things have been grand. So grand, in fact, that I’ve been craving a very, very analog life, as it were, and less of a digital one. This past year was pretty intense, working back-to-back on two books. Once the holidays began ramping up, and  both books were done and I had more time to hang out in my p.j.’s with my fellas and soak it all in, or don our winter gear and go get out in it, that’s precisely what I wanted to do.

There have been cookie exchanges and handmade gifting sessions and Solstice walks and all kinds of merriment taking place. There have been friends visiting and family cookie-baking days and the consumption of copious amounts of baked goods and homemade cocktails (YES!). Would you believe there’s even been another (another!) book proposed, and, it would appear, accepted (I do so love to write, you know?!)? There has been so very much goodness brewing that it has actually brought me to tears at times.

As we move into a New Year, full of possibility and, for some, uncertainty, from our home to yours, sincerest wishes for abundant health, creativity, and happiness. Big, big love, friends.

*Images, top to bottom: My boy and his bearded friend; looking into the kitchen from outside; helping me roll out biscuits; entryway greeting; sugar cookie fixins’; cutting out shapes with Gigi and Nanny (Huxley’s grandmother and great-grandmother); setting out cookies for Santa (first time we’ve done this-so much fun!); Christmas tree bonanza (after my mom came over and added her gifts to the growing mound of goodies); opening gifts with a 3 year-old is the best gift of all!); a gift from mom to keep my noggin’ toasty; our Christmas meal feast; my incredible cache of gifts from Glenn (he knows me so very well); a Christmas light spectacle at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center (oh my!); and dinner with our beloved friends Jen, Jon, their daughter Awynn and Jen’s parents Bill and Caroline at Stone Bowl (amazing Korean food in South Asheville-our first visit but far from our last!). 

9 Responses to With Love

  • Susan Vandermeer says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your darling family! I am a follower and so enjoy your blog. I was thrilled to see your son sitting on Santa’s lap, he has grown so much, what a cutie. Best wishes from Arcata CA and look forward to more postings in the new year!

  • KC says:

    I agree with the need for a more analog life. I too have felt that pull day in and day out. Some days I just don’t open the laptop. Instead I make some bread or pick up my knitting needles. I don’t even pick up my camera most days. Rather choosing to imprint the special moments with my girls in my brain and watch too many movies late into the night after they are asleep with my hubby.

    Wishing you and your boys a wonderful New Year.

  • Joyce says:

    Merry Christmas. Lovely pictures. Love your blog.

  • ashley says:

    Happy Holidays! I love that urge to disconnect and burrow down during this time of year. Can’t wait to hear what your new book will be about. I bought Keeping Chickens a few years ago when we first got our girls, and this Holiday my husband got me the Home Dairy one. We welcomed a couple of goats to our tiny farm this Fall and I think he’s really hoping for some cheese once the milk starts flowing. In true modern homesteading tradition I got him a hive, hat, smoker, and capping knife so he can embark on a new hobby. I included the Bee Keepers Bible but I’m thinking I’m going to have to add your book just so I can be closer to completing my Ashley English book collection!

  • Brooke says:

    GREAT pictures and wonderful sentiments, and congratulations on the new book deal! THAT’S the way to start a new year! We’re in Asheville til Sunday and enjoying all the food and drink we can find!? May have to check out Stone Bowl. Loving this town more and more with each visit. One of us had a visit from the Stomach Grinch–came on like a thunderclap. Thankfully it’s over and we’ll be out and about at Urban Orchard and other walkable venues tonight. Can’t think of a better place to be than with our daughter here in the mountains. See my pictures on FB of her meeting some new friends at Looking Glass Creamery–yet another heavenly place to visit. Maybe 2014 will be the year we make the move!

  • ieva says:

    Thank you for a 2013 full of great posts. Wishing you and your family peace, joy and love for 2014….looking forward to another awesome year of Smallmeasure.

  • Nancy says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you for all the great posts this past year. I enjoy checking out the different sites you post about – I will be ordering some items from Imagine Childhood as my granddaughters birthday is coming in February. I have already pre- ordered your new book Homemade Gatherings…you have two books coming out this year? Title & when do you expect the second one to be out? Looking forward to your new books.

    • Thank you so very much for your support, Nancy! Yes, Handmade Gatherings publishes in April 2014, and Quench, my beverage book, publishes in October. I’m so excited for both!