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Wild Mountain Bees

Do you have a beekeeper in your life? Or maybe someone that loves beeswax candles? Or soap? Or lip balm? See that-I just covered all of humanity there! Here’s the thing-my friend Jon Christie has got you (and ALL OF HUMANITY!-in my head, James Earl Jones is saying this) covered!

His wonderful store, Wild Mountain Bees, housed in a home in North Asheville (take Merrimon Ave. north, until it begins turning into Weaverville Hwy. in Woodfin), covers the range of apiarty-based goods (and services-look for upcoming classes or order nucs for spring now). Jon has long been a supporter of my book, and I’ve long been a supporter of all he does (he’s profiled in that book, too!).

Now that he has a brick-and-mortar store that’s much closer to my home (formerly, I either drove the steep driveway out to his mountain home in Madison County or rendezvoused around town in various locations to purchase his wares), I wanted to stop in and pick up a few items for holiday gifting. Whether you’re looking to pick up a smoker or bee suit for the budding apiary enthusiast in your life, or some locally made beeswax tea lights or Jon’s own propolis tincture (!!!) to fill stockings, Wild Mountain Bees has just what you need. He’s only open today until 5:30, and then from 10-5:30 Friday and Saturday, December 20th and 21st, before closing up for a bit over the winter.

If you stop in, tell him I sent you. Beekeepers, and small business owners, like the winged creatures we love so much, thrive by supporting each other!

6 Responses to Wild Mountain Bees

  • Guenevere says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. I live just down the street and never knew there was a store, just thought it was a place promoting bee awareness. Thank you! I will visit soon!

  • Eliza Twist says:

    We just passed by a huge bush of rosemary (I think at least) in bloom and it was a buzz with bees. It was such a pleasure to watch those busy bees at work, I felt that I’d stumbled upon one of nature’s many miracles in action. What a treat for a city girl!

  • KC says:

    That store looks like a candy shop to me!

  • Dawn says:

    I’ll be sure to stop by there the next time I’m in Asheville. Our local bee supplier has his shop in an old shed on his farm and it is so much fun to poke around in there. Just the smell of the wax and wood alone is heavenly! Plus, it’s fun to shop with a bee or two dancing in the air around you. You can always tell a beekeeper as they are the ones NOT freaking out when a bee lands on them:)

  • Georgette says:

    There you are doing something wonderful for the world again! Promoting a lovely ecofriendly local shoppe and helping your friends and followers to think BEES, please. Yes, we need bees and pollinators. Without them our food supply is threatened; what better reason to understand the symbiotic relationship we have with one another. I am a member of a community garden and we have several bee hives in the garden. We keep flowers going for them year-round and in the summer we grow as many cosmos as vegetables because the bees love them. Borage, herbs, cut flowers…beeutiful
    blossoms for those treasured flying jewels of the garden. Happy Holidays, Ashley.

  • We almost moved to Asheville a few years ago and it is still on my list of favorite places. As an aspiring beekeeper, these pictures make my heart happy!