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Wild Foods Walk!


Last year, I wrote this post about a Wild Foods Walk & Chat we planned to host on our property with herbalist and permaculture educator Keri Evjy. Unfortunately, the weather that day, that entire weekend in fact, completely conspired against us. It was rainy and cold, and those two variables do not make for an enjoyable, ambling walk in the woods, identifying wild edibles and learning about their use.

Well, hope springs eternal, and spring is making its way toward us, so we’re aiming to do it all over again!  On Saturday, April 5th (rain date April 6th), we’ll be hosting a wild foods walk, talk, and eat here in the cove. Keri will lead a walk through the trails surrounding our home, sharing information about wild edibles we encounter. The plan is to also collect edibles en route then return back to our house for a meal and to continue the conversation. I do so hope you can make it!

Wild Foods Walk, Talk, & Lunch
*My House (address to follow post registration), Candler, NC.
*Saturday, April 5th (rain date April 6th), 10 am-2pm.
*$35 for lunch and plant walk by Keri Evjy – Educator, Designer, Herbalist for Healing Roots Design

Come walk in the woodlands of our 11 acre homestead and discover native edibles and medicinals allies of the Southern Appalachians surrounding us. Using our senses, we’ll look, touch, taste, and prepare the local spring bounty underfoot and together enjoy a nutritional farmstead meal with our foraged vitals! The class fee includes the wild fore and meal. If inspired, please bring a homemade canned delight or spring time side with a story to share!

To register, please email me at: ashleyadamsenglish(at)gmail(dot)com.

3 Responses to Wild Foods Walk!

  • Connie says:

    I have really enjoyed following your blog for the past year or so. Your laid back approach and obvious joy in your family, friends and work are refreshing. I’ve also read several of your articles in Verve. Recently I was flipping through this month’s Southern Living magazine and saw their recommendation for your new book, Handmade Gatherings. Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done – it must be so rewarding to see your vision and work come to fruition. Plan to buy copies of Canning and Preserving and Handmade Gatherings ASAP.

    • Hi Connie. Thanks for all of your support! It means the world!

      I know that Handmade Gatherings is listed in the “Recommended Reading” in the April issue of Country Living magazine, but haven’t heard anything about a mention in Southern Living, as well. Did you mean Country Living, or am I perhaps so very lucky as to receive recommendations in both publications?!

  • measure_admin says: