• Technicolor frittata with our hen's eggs  that @glennbenglish made for @gardenbetty and @willtaylorphotography during their stay with us this week. || Filled with sautéed kale, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes and topped with strawberries, nasturtium blossoms & leaves, pea shoots, and honeysuckle flowers, served alongside a pea shoot/arugula/pecan pesto. I love eating such a riot of color this time of year!!!
  • @gardenbetty, in our garden! So wonderful when online relationships jump the fence and move into real life friendships. Great getting to know you and @willtaylorphotography these past few days. Safe travels on the remainder of your book tour!!!
  • Y'all ready for this? Strawberry Crumble Pie, recipe over on Small Measure (link in profile). ??????
  • Alan Muskat, master forager, sharing his vast wild world wisdom at yesterday's foraging class here.
  • The gleaners. || Yesterday, our land served as the location for a foraging class led by wild foods expert Alan Muskat. So many edibles here, constantly changing with the seasons.
  • Asheville area folks: Come on over to @forvillagers at 7 pm tonight to hear @gardenbetty talk about her new book,
  • When dinner is served al fresco on the patio, at sunset, in a watermelon bowl, then my heart smiles. || Egg noodles, NC shrimp and pea shoot-arugula-basil pesto topped with nasturtium leaves, sage flowers, and chive blossoms. Nearly summertime and the living is easy.
  • When your afternoon involves chilling inside the Asheville Salt Cave with 7 of your nearest and dearest and your collective 4 kiddos, and your night involves celebrating one of their birthday's with a fajita feast and @glennbenglish's phenomenal spring sangria (with watermelon and strawberries and honeysuckle blooms that I picked), then you know that today has been an extraordinarily good day.
  • Spicy pork dumplings from @ganshanstation, I love you. While everything I've tried here has been seriously stellar, @procain's dumpling situation is worth the visit alone. So, so good!
  • Here's what I did today: hopped in the car, drove about a mile over to Hominy Valley Organic Farm, and got down to strawberry-picking business. I filled a flat for $18 (at $3/pound). If you live in the area and are looking for delicious, organic, U-pick strawberries, come see Farmer Tom Monday-Friday after 2 pm. Tell him I sent ya! Now, on to jam, and Popsicles, and pie, and galette, and pickled strawberries, and more! ??????
  • Pretty much ANY time is a good time for pickles, especially now that I've added @foodinjars delicious Quick Pickled Strawberries to the mix. Sublime!
  • You're in my heart, you're in my soul.
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Where I’m Calling From

A few shots from around and about the English grounds. 

*Small Measure: Find beauty where you are. It’s everywhere, no matter where you’re calling from (this post’s title is based on a Raymond Carver short story as well as a collection of short stories by the same name; R.C. is an old favorite, a sort of Tom Waits literary kin). 

6 Responses to Where I’m Calling From

  • Anonymous says:

    Abaoutely wonderful!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey there. Great pictures. I think the flowers are holly hobbbs or holly hawks. I can't remember but as a kid I really always thought they were beautiful!!! Luvins MOM

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice place,The pears look good too. Do you have a good spiced pear recipe? Thanks, KJ

  • Bonner says:

    Makes me miss those lush mountains. Soul green… The photos on your blog are always startlingly beautiful. You have a wonderful eye for simple but sense-evoking compositions.

  • Bonner says:

    Makes me miss those lush mountains. Soul green… The photos on your blog are always startlingly beautiful. You have a wonderful eye for simple but sense-evoking compositions.

  • akamat says:

    Your blog is lovely and your Chickens are too cute! looks like you had a lovely summer.