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Where I Go

When I’m not writing on here, I’m taking care of this guy. Turns out, he’s a real time hog. And worth every single second.

When he naps, calm and order descend, life resumes its predicable saunter, and things get done. When he doesn’t nap (which is every other day, or every two days in a row), I make my plans and then watch them fall through my hands like sand.

Welcome to the motherhood. It’s a fabulous place for letting go of attachment, to anything aside from the wee one.

I love it.

9 Responses to Where I Go

  • Hello Sweetheart… week in week out you remind of these teeny tiny precious moments from my little boys babba hood. He's seven now. Adorable. But I do so miss the baby he was…
    Enjoy every minute.x

  • Yes! I found putting my baby's needs above anything else to be the best spiritual practice ever. And the exhaustion at the end of each day had a wholesomeness & sense of completion to it that I don't quite get now that my boy is older, though the love gets better & better.

    Enjoy this fleeting time. : )

  • Sarah says:

    It is so good to see pictures of your little guy. My name is Sarah–i've actually read your blog for a while now and moved to Asheville a year ago. We were actually in the New Dawn childbirth classes together but I was too timid to tell you I read your blog. I blame pregnancy.
    Huxley is adorable.

  • Morgan G says:

    We don't have kids yet, but I look forward to the time when I don't put myself first anymore. It seems like, in a weird way, so much freedom would come from devoting yourself to another little being.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm a nanny for a 3-month-old, and even with my full night's sleep I'm exhausted by the end of a day and feel like doing the dishes is a major accomplishment. Still, I can't wait to have my own. Hopefully, my health will cooperate…

  • I'm in the exact same boat, except my daughter is over a year old. She's got first priority and housework, my business, and everything else takes a backseat to her. Good luck with your handsome boy.

  • sarah-i totally remember you! from pennsylvania, married to travis, own a moving company! hope all is well with your babe! it's a wild ride, innit???

  • Sarah says:

    you have a really good memory! i am loving being a mom and it is a wild ride!
    i can't believe Lydia is already 10.5 weeks old. it flies by. we are going on our first plane trip tomorrow–nervous!
    keep up the great work–i'm so glad you've been able to keep up with blogging amongst what seems like so many other endeavors :)

  • fran says:

    I have the same thing happening at my house with my 12-week-old. I never know how the day is going to be, but everything, EVERYTHING, depends upon the naps.