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  • Stay frosty Huxley but dont grow up too fast okay?hellip
  • Oh what a long strange trip its been Exactly onehellip
  • I went in for the coconut cake SO! GOOD! andhellip
  • In 10 days Alistair and I fly from Asheville tohellip
  • Suffice to say Alistair dominated my feed in 2017 Seemshellip
  • Snow day snow cream sundae making me all kinds ofhellip
  • Hello darkness my old friend The cold comfort of winterhellip
  • Happy birthday to this Brazilian beauty You know those kindhellip
  • When I think about my intentions and resolutions for thehellip
  • We made snow cream sundaes and hot chocolate and watchedhellip
  • Cold as ice Hominy Creek which runs beside our roadhellip
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What I’m Digging

Happy Friday, friends! I can’t begin to quite describe the enthusiasm I’ve been feeling this week, on so many levels. There’s the hint, and smell, and look of fall, all around, my most beloved season. There’s the creative interlude I’m currently finding myself in, finishing up two books in one year and waiting on the possibility of another (as well as, oh, I don’t know, maybe a t.v. show idea and that fiction I’ve mentioned on here before….). There’s the nesting instinct that’s taken hold of me since returning from Squam, big time (I’m ready to get new chairs for the living room, a bigger little guy bed for Huxley, a sewing machine, not to mention organize the attic and basement, overall the tiny Englishman’s bedroom, and so. much. more). There’s the excitement of my new lady friendship (feels like a crush, you know, those intense, heart-centered connections with other ladies). So. Much. Good.

In other news, I’ve got a new post up on HGTV. It’s about making okra pod art! Check it out!

I’m teaching a class on making dairy products at home next Sunday, September 29th, at my friend Natalie’s west Asheville store Villagers. Come out and learn how to make mozzrella, butter, and yogurt with me!

Also, I can’t recall if I linked to my post on Verve this month. I’m sharing my love of farmer’s markets.

Finally, I’ve got an article in the newest (and only the 2nd ever) issue of Modern Farmer. Can’t find a direct link to my article, but it’s about using natural coloring agents to dye fibers.


In other news, here’s a smattering of this and that’s that caught my attention this week:

*Can’t stop listening to Zoe Keating, compliments of my new lady friend, Sara. So, so beautiful.

*In looking for new chairs for the living room, found this. Note quite in the budget, but lovely to behold, nonetheless.

*Currently sipping on a cocktail my sweet Glenn made. Consists of: N.C.-based Krupnikas (a honey liqueur), Knob Creek Rye Whiskey, Izzy’s ginger ale, and orange & lemon peel.

*This article rings true, on so many levels. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before telling them their gait is off, friends.

*Huxley needs new shoes, and these are beyond adorable (Livie & Luca periodically run 50% off sales, and I’m hoping for one soon!).

*Beeswax lanterns!

*Jackie is running a birthday sale in her shop. Take 20% off with code: Birthday20 (offer good through tomorrow, 9/21, so make haste and get thee to Luna Grey).

*Started reading this book from Roost. Stunningly beautifully written. A keeper, for sure.

*These early, early fall days make me want to watch this, one of my favorites (and a key, pivotal film for me when I first saw it as a teenager).

*A fall gardening guide.


I’m currently sipping my cocktail, listening to this, and watching Glenn and Huxley run around performing acts of “parkour/free running” all over our property (and yelling “Parkour!” with each move)! Got a forest class tomorrow, and will be attending the annual Farm Tour on Sunday. Life is good.

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, and whomever you do it with, may it be grand!

*I post a photo of Huxley here each Friday because, truly, he’s what his Papa and I dig the most. Here’s another goody from Squam, which he seemed to have loved as much as I did. 

3 Responses to What I’m Digging

  • erin says:

    That book looks exactly like something I should read right about now. Perfect timing. Thank you! Have a lovely weekend Ashley!

  • Marcia Ballard says:

    I love seeing pictures of your little boy, he is so precious. Being a parent is so great. It does have it’s moments (and I agreed with the article you referenced) but it’s so worth it. I think the old adage is true, “you never know what somebody else might be facing”. How many times have I been in a store at 10 PM with little ones, we’ve all been sick and I just couldn’t get out to get more gatorade, looking awful, the kids looking haggard too. At times like that, a sweet smile from some person can help a lot. That’s a free gift!

  • Susan says:

    Hello from Susan (friend of Glenn)…have you seen the latest collection of Clarks shoes, Ashley? I know that you are a fan of them like me and I got my new pair for the winter! Beautiful blog by the way!!! Enjoy the time with Huxley…Ewan is now 15!!!