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What I’m Digging


Happy Friday, friends. A bit of a cold front blew in last night. I’m writing this on our entryway porch. There’s a gentle breeze blowing, the thermometer beside me is reading 58, the sky is punctuated with cotton ball wisps of clouds and stunning patches of blue, Huxley and I are wearing hoodies-things are good.

I’ve got a new profile up on Madesmith, of the actress/knifemaker badass that is Chelsea Miller. If you’d like to read profiles of other makers I’ve written about for Madesmith, check out Josh Vogel of Blackcreek Mercantile and Clair Catillaz of Clamlab. These makers all are based in New York (both the city and upstate) and are producing heirloom quality goods that are absolutely stunning.

Feel like creating a bit of natural color? I’m discussing this very thing today in my Small Measures post on Design Sponge, where I show you how easy it is to create a custom palette of watercolors. Color your world, friends!

In other news, here’s a smattering of this and that’s that caught my attention this week:
*Joy’s fruity summer striped ice cubes are calling my name.
*Loving the idea of Community Supported Kitchens.
*Well, hello there, dream home.
*So happy to see my buddy Karie featured on the Makery Project!
*Completely smitten with Anna Williams’ The Voracity project, especially How To Shoot A Wolf and A Princely Feast.
*You definitely should be listening to this playlist.
*Summer’s around the corner. Here are some tips for keeping your cool.
*Tim’s Strawberry Lassi will be happening in my kitchen, stat.
*Pickled mustard greens? Don’t mind if I do (especially since I planted 12 mustard green plants yesterday!).
*This northern California cabin is so beautiful.
*Naturally sweetened salty & sweet peanut butter chocolate cups. YES!

My editor at Lark Crafts and dear friend Nicole is coming over this evening for cocktails, pie, and a one-on-one tutorial with yours truly on how to cook a whole chicken. With the weather forecast to only reach 67, it should be one fine evening.

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, and whomever you do it with, may it be grand!

*I post a photo of Huxley here each Friday because, truly, he’s what his Papa and I dig the most. Here he is exploring, with no fear, a hollowed out log on the grounds of the N.C. Arboretum. He and Glenn went there this past Monday, to check out one of their “Wee Naturalists” programs, which are geared towards children age 2-5. 

4 Responses to What I’m Digging

  • Sumeera says:

    We couldn’t thank you enough for the maker stories you’ve done for Madesmith. The makers are so grateful as well.

    And, I’m definitely going to try the custom watercolor recipe. Looks fun and oh so summer-y.

  • Melanie J. says:

    I’m buried in work this morning, wishing for my issues of Mother Earth and Taproot to get in my mailbox so I can lose myself in them later…then I see all these delicious links above and think to myself, I’m saving this post for after my work is done, like a reward. Such neat stuff! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Annie says:

    I was digging wearing a fleece shirt with my sandals this morning. Bring it on, mountain summer!

    Also, that community supported kitchen: I was thinking that this exact thing needed to be done in the old Ryan’s building on Patton Ave.

  • Heather W. says:

    I think you just made my week with the “dream house” link!! I just started following the feed on IG. Also, the photo of Huxley is just precious. Living in the Carolinas is such a joy!