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What I’m Digging

Happy Friday, friends! I’m writing this to you from my patio, where the sun is shining, the creeks on each sides of the house are flowing strongly enough for me to hear them both, various birds are cawing from the treetops, one of the hens is triumphantly announcing to the forest at large that she’s laid an egg, a carpenter bee is steadily at work nearby, and my son is doing *yard work* all around the knob the house sits on, using his assortment of play mowers, a weed eater, a wheel barrow, and our bike pump (which he’s decided is how he adds *gas* to the toys). In short, nothing could be finer than to be in (the mountains of) Carolina in the moooooooooorning.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and I’ve got a Small Measures post up on Design Sponge with the hard-working mamas of the world in mind. I’m sharing three recipes for crafting the lady that cleaned your baby spit up and lovingly sang you lullabies (likely off key) some all-natural botanical bath salts. Floral, woodsy, or citrusy, there’s a scent for every mama. Bath time, take me away!!!

My friend Aimee of the Portland, Oregon-based blog Ecogrrl has an interview with me up today. Take a gander if you’re curious about why I do what I do.

In other news, here’s a smattering got this and that’s that caught my attention this week:
*Rosemary lemonade? I’m all over it.
*A wonderful Tea Collection giveaway is happening over at Design Mom.
*Lavender blueberry scones, for your mama or yourself.
*Baking soda=miracle powder.
*This spring greens frittata is speaking my language.
*Shhh, the plants are talking.
*Gardening ideas that screen out sound.
*Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley’s home encapsulates all of my favorite things in one glorious abode.
*Make your own worm bin!
*This DIY polkadot table cloth uses potatoes to make the magic happen.
*Dr. Oz gets schooled by an 8 year-old.

Tomorrow I’m hosting the very last gathering for my book, Handmade Gatherings (which publishes from Roost Books Spring 2014). Since June 9th of last year, I’ve been regularly hosting gatherings for the book, and the fact that we’re all the way down to the last event is both a huge relief (since I’m actively in the midst of writing another book!) and sort of a shocker. Time really does go by so very quickly. I’m beyond thrilled to have been able to host all of these gatherings and, having seen a sneak peek of the book’s layout last week from my editor, I can assure you all of the hard work involved in making them happen will be very worth it come publishing time.

A quick special shout out to the mamas out there. I know how inextricably linked the bliss and blunders of motherhood are. It’s the job that never ends, but one that you don’t actually ever want to conclude. Our little people reintroduce us to the wonders of childhood, where imagination rules the roost, emotions are on constant display, and candor characterizes every interaction. Mamas, I salute you. It’s hard work and it’s so very, very worth the effort. On Sunday, my mom and grandmother are coming over to have a picnic and then hang with Huxley while I work in the garden (Mother’s Day is historically considered the “safe” day in these here hills for putting out tender annuals like tomatoes and peppers). I intend to shower them both with hugs and kisses and let them know just how much I appreciate all they did for me and my brother growing up.

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, and whomever you do it with, may it be grand!

*Twice recently I noticed Huxley and I were wearing matching pants and footwear; in the first image, I discovered this while we were sitting in the grass outside of our house and in the second, while we were sitting in the children’s play area of a doctor’s office. I’ve come to realize that this doesn’t just *naturally* happen, that I unconsciously dress him like a little mini me. I’m cool with that. Oh, and do pardon the blurriness of the images; trying to quickly snap photos of a constantly moving toddler is like trying to shoot a moving target. 




2 Responses to What I’m Digging

  • EcoGrrl says:

    thanks for the shout-out and for doing the interview!! rosemary lemonade – awesome. i love garden betty’s blog and my favorite cocktail here in portland is the “sweet & savory” at the hop and vine which is essentially a rosemary-infused lemon drop. nom nom.

    happy mother’s day to ya sista! your story, as always, is a beautiful one. and that top photo makes me smile THIS big.

  • amanda (sweetpotatoclaire) says:

    your paragraph on mothering is beautiful and eloquent~ a happy mother’s day to you!