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What I’m Digging


Happy Friday, friends! I’m busy whipping up a batch of carrot halwa, to serve for dessert at an Indian-themed collaborative soup-making party I’m hosting tonight. It’s one of the winter events featured in my book, “Handmade Gatherings” (Roost Books, Spring 2014). I adore Indian food and culture and tonight will be packed with buddies, bindis, bhangra, and blissful eats!

In other news, I’ve got two articles up this month on Verve. In my “English Lessons” column, I’m talking about life lessons I’ve gleaned from the non-human, botanical inhabitants of our cove. I also wrote about my friend Farra and her daughter Bella, participants in this year’s Cupcakes vs. Cancer competition. Their entry is highly personal and deeply heartfelt and it was an absolute honor to be able to write their story.

There’s a Small Measures post up on today Design Sponge. We’re showing our pets love this month over there, so I’m offering tips for making DIY dog beds, dog biscuits, and dog odor-fighting spray.

Here’s a smattering of this’s and that’s that caught my attention this week:

*Letting kids tinker makes them more creative.
*Sweet lemon pudding.
*Eat Wild is a great resource (thanks to reader Maureen for tipping me off!).
*Great suggestions for museum excursions!
*Adorable blog (and book!) about chicken antics.
*Magic Custard Cake (yes, I know that’s two sweet recipes in this round-up, but they’re too amazing looking to pass up!).
*Such a creative birthday party concept.
*Locals, this is a great guide for spotting spring wildflowers (they’re ‘a comin’ !!!).
*Picked up some Eco Eggs yesterday, to use in Huxley’s Easter Basket.

It’s supposed to warm up considerably over the weekend. I’m hoping to get several varieties of potatoes we picked up last week from Sow True Seed in the ground. It’ll feel so good to dig in the dirt, and know the promise of spring it holds.

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, and whomever you do it with, may it be grand!

*I post a photo of Huxley here each Friday because, truly, he’s what his Papa and I dig the most. They popped into a photo booth a few days ago (Huxley calls it the “picture ride”) and brought me home this memento. THE. BEST! 

5 Responses to What I’m Digging

  • jen says:

    Bring on the recipes! Now that I know my body is processing everything the way it’s supposed to, I am ready to get to baking. The lemon pudding and custard cake look divine. Yum!
    Happy Friday!

  • anja says:

    hi ashley! LOVE the photos, always did that with my son when he was younger:) and as always, i love your links. have been reading along for a while now and it is always such a pleasure to read your posts. cold here again after a few warmer, sunny, blue-sky-days. have a great weekend! best from faraway berlin,anja

  • Bette says:

    Thank you for the story of Farra and Bella. Amazing strength and grace. Love the links (as always). You are my Friday “stress relieving joy”.

  • sarah r lavigne says:

    Did you used have a sponsor that made amazing homemade kids shoes?

    • hi sarah. i’ve never had a sponsor that made kids shoes. that said, i’ve mentioned how much i like livie and luca (though they’re not handmade), as well as how i often use thredup to purchase new-to-us shoes for huxley.