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What I’m Digging

Happy Friday, friends! Huxley and I just returned from trying out “Mighty Mites,” which is essentially baby gymnastics. He was crazy for it! From the pit of foam cubes to the climbing mats to the trampoline, his little baby body and mind were struggling to contain his exuberance. Best $5 I think I’ve ever spent!

Here’s a round-up of this’s and that’s that piqued my interest this week:
*Anna’s videos of recent projects are so fun!
 *This book (from an N.C. chef!) looks wonderful.
*Want to work on a farm, anywhere in the world? Go WWOOF-ing!
*This Swedish retreat is stunningly gorgeous (via Alison).
*Online children’s clothing consignment! YES!!! 
*Soap with a mission (via Joy).
*Clever plant tags.
*Even more clever planters.
*Reviving a Victorian greenhouse (via Jessie & Melanie).
*Blossom parents like I do!

We’ve got a whopper of a social weekend planned. There’s a birthday of a one year-old tonight, then a two year-old’s party tomorrow morning, followed by that of a 40 year-old tomorrow night. Phew! Should be a good time!!!

Wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, whomever you do it with, may it be grand!

*Mighty Mites had the added bonus of making Shorty crash, hard! 

6 Responses to What I’m Digging

  • Anonymous says:

    Too cool! I've got to get Sebas enrolled in gymnastics of some sort, he has so much energy to burn, it is ridiculous!

    Sleeping babies are the cutest, thanks for sharing!

  • Bee Girl says:

    Great links! I especially love Blossom now that she's all grown up and a mama, too 😉

  • Camille T says:

    What could be sweeter than the deep, satisfying sleep of a weary babe? beautiful!

  • Jane says:

    I'm digging the secondhand clothes links, and the article on Blossom's parenting. I love her on Big Bang and knowing she's a sling-wearing, breastfeeding neuroscientist (in Hollywood, no less) makes me love her all the more!

    loved your article in Taproot. That magazine is pure deliciousness.

  • Indio says:

    I really enjoyed that Victorian Kitchen Garden series. There were so many good tips in it. It got me hooked on the series tat includes Edwardian Farm, vicotiran Farm, Victorian War Kitchen etc. It's some primo BBC viewing.

  • Thanks for the cool links!

    And yay, Blossom! I saw a quote of hers about home birth recently and am psyched to see her speaking up about parenting – she's one smart lady.