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What I’m Digging

Huxley Shadow
Happy Friday, friends! For the first time in what feels like a looooong time, I feel like I’m on top of things. The sun is shining, the temperature here isn’t too severe, no one is sick, I’m at home, just wrapped up some freelance work, had a very cool in-house meeting with an administrator from Starseed. Things are good. Who knows how long that will last, but, for now, it’s enough. More than enough.

Have you noticed a change in the light lately? A shift away from winter’s harsh glare to spring’s gentle yet abundant light? It’s so encouraging! I’ve also seen testament to the profusion of daffodils that are about to sprout up all over, and new hellebore buds pushing sleepy heads up from their winter slumber, and a YARD FULL OF PURPLE CROCUSES! That last one got me really jazzed. It’s coming, friends. Spring. It’s on its way, no doubt about it.

In other news, here’s a smattering of this and that’s that caught my attention this week:

*This dress. I can’t begin to tell you how much in love I am with this dress. Someday….

*I’m a one purse kind of lady. The one I’ve used for the past few years (a holiday gift from Glenn), isn’t wearing my constant use very well. I recently came across Moop and am head over heels in love with their waxed canvas totes. Thinking perhaps the Market Bag (in Gunmetal Grey or Rosewood, not sure yet…) might just be “the one.”

*Clean your house from your pantry!

*John Derian’s house is filled with wonder (thanks, Design Mom, for the link!).

*Five reasons to buy grass-fed beef, and where to buy it for less.

*I’ve been on a “Your Song” by Elton John kick lately. Two recent discoveries render me a weepy mess whenever I listen to them: this one from Ellie Goulding and this one from Northern Ireland cutie Janet Devlin. I dare you not to listen and sob.

*Blood Orange Curd, for the win. That Marisa. She knows what’s what.

*Picked up two navy and two orange enamelware mugs when I was in Austin. Can’t wait to put ’em to use picnicking!

*Locals, take note! The WNC Beekeeper’s Club is holding its annual Beginning Bee School this weekend at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It runs tomorrow, March 1st, and Sunday. Details can be found here. I took this school for two winters before beginning to keep bees and cannot recommend it enough.

*I met Matthew Dillon of the Clif Bar Family initiative Seed Matters in Austin. Amazing program, with a very important mission.

Got anything exciting planned for the weekend? I’ll be giving a talk on Backyard Chicken-keeping on Sunday at the Canton Library. Tomorrow is completely open, though, which is SO nice! We’re still working on our kitchen remodel, so there’s sure to be a bit of that action happening. Otherwise, I think I’ll make some french toast, drink some strong coffee, and enjoy the easy satisfaction of doing not a whole lot with those I love.

Wherever you go this weekend,whatever you do, and whomever you do it with, may it be grand!

*I post a photo of Huxley in my “What I’m Digging” round-ups because, truly, he’s what his Papa and I dig the most. Glenn took this picture of him at Starseed on Wednesday. Seriously loving that light/shadow/rock combination. 

5 Responses to What I’m Digging

  • KC says:

    I wish I lived near you! I’ve been pouring over your chicken book lately. Taking notes and trying to figure out how we too can have chickens. Maybe in the fall is the land lord says yes!

  • Dawn says:

    Thanks for the link to Moop. I can’t agree with you more about the “one bag” personality and my current one is looking like it should after two babies less than a year apart in age. Love their bags and may treat myself to one soon. Thanks for the post.

  • Jessie says:

    It was suggested I browse your site from a wonderfully creative family member…. I dipped here and there for a couple months and then randomly felt the draw back in recently. The video Dark Rye did on you and your family is amazing! So inspiring and so very lovely.

    My husband, young daughter, and I are potentially making moves soon and rural WNC is actually one of our possible landing spots. We are in Vermont now and love it so very much (minus the ridiculous temperatures we’ve been having lately) but cost of living vs. jobs isn’t working out anymore due to me staying home with our almost 2 year old. I’m grateful for your writings on the Asheville etc. area, it’s so much easier to get an idea of a place from someone’s experience vs. charts and graphs. We are planning a research trip soon to scope out a few places and your images and observations have us excited! Thank you! If you get a chance – I’d love your take on some positives and negatives to the area? Or maybe just a simple answer to how’s winter down there? Take care and keep up the beautiful work.

    • Hi Jessie! Thanks for stopping by! Oh, I can’t sing the praises of WNC enough. I’ve left and returned to the area 3 times now, and it most definitely is *home* to me. Not much in terms of drawbacks, aside from perhaps the lack of ethnic diversity; that’s a real struggle. Weather-wise, it’s ideal. Crisp autumns with glorious foliage, relatively mild winters, with the occasional deep freeze for a few days or bit of snowfall but never for long, verdant springs, and summers that are warm and humid but cool in the evenings. Amazing food scene, big emphasis on supporting local businesses, wonderful community. I think you’d love it!

  • I can’t get enough blood oranges. They are like candy! A curd sounds pretty amazing.