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Wet, Wild & Wonderful

Hello, friends. Hope you had a lovely weekend. We had a wet & wild one. That’s right. It rained like the Dickens all weekend, cutting into plans I had for photographing a party for “Handmade Gatherings.” The theme was “Wild Things” and it was all about wild foods and botanical elements for decor and crafting. The rain didn’t get the memo about my wanting to throw the gathering at the UNC-Asheville Botanical Gardens, so we changed locations last minute and held a rather *cozy* get-together with 14 adults and around 10 children at our place yesterday.

Not only was it raining outside, it was chilly, too. So chilly, in fact, that we fired up the wood stove after the last guests left in the afternoon. I thought we were well past the need for wood stove warmth, but it just goes to show-when you think you know what’s up with the weather, think again! And then scramble and plan accordingly.

Despite the chill and the rain, we had a glorious time. It’s not everyday that your meal consists of things like chickweed pesto pasta, bamboo shoots with black walnut vinaigrette, wildflower risotto, morel frittata, pickled ramps, sautéed daylily shoots, violet lemonade, violet-topped lemon scones, and mini trifles with violet jelly, almond cake, and violet buttercream.

After we filled our bellies, we gathered on cushions on the porch and created boutonnieres and corsages with wild botanical elements we’d all collected in advance of the get-together. It was so wonderful witnessing children of all ages and men and women alike all get into the crafting. Glenn fashioned his with using a large wild mushroom he found as the focal flower, which is rather genius, in my estimation.

The final images show the “remains of the day,” bits left over from the party that I put into glass bottles and made a tablescape with after everyone left. And the ginormous haul on our picnic table is the cache of goodness we picked up at Kenny Any’s and Jack Young Greenhouse this past Friday. Suffice to say, I’ve got plenty of dirty work ahead of me, and I plan to love every glorious minute of it.

Here’s hoping the week ahead is filled with health, happiness, and harmony, for you and yours, from me and mine.


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