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Weekend Review

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours involved the rest, relaxation and inspiration I was looking for. A walk in the forest beside the house on Saturday (Glenn is bending over in the top photo, loppers to clear the path in hand) was followed by a class on fermented beverages that left me seriously jazzed about mixing and stirring and air-locking and car-boying and otherwise culturing a bevy of beverages.

Yesterday we finally, finally got the orchard down in the area we call the “lower field” planted! Yes, I know it’s late January. The thing is, the ground hasn’t frozen here, at all. So, although we’re late to the game (trees are typically planted in autumn), the ground was pliant and workable enough to puts the trees in. I’ve now got enormously high hopes for one apple (we have two other apple trees up beside the house), two cherry, two peach, two pear, and one plum tree. Oh, the jams, chutneys, butters, sauces, and cellaring deliciousness I’m imaging!

Then I had a three-hour chat with a dear friend over here yesterday afternoon. We’ve got a very fun idea we’re working on. You’ll know more about it soon enough, but, in the meantime, know that it involves things like lights, cameras, and action!

Here’s wishing the week ahead is filled with health and happiness for you and yours!

8 Responses to Weekend Review

  • abisuz says:

    Huxley’s cap is adorable! I can’t get my son to leave the ear flaps alone on hats like that!!

  • Kelly says:

    Huxley is soo darn cute!!! I enjoy making wine. I try to make it like the old timers without alot of additives, all natural and such! It’s a fun hobby that has a nice reward in the end 😉

  • kimpeck says:

    where did you get huxley’s awesome hat??
    three cheers to your orchard – that will be an amazing addition to your property!

    • ashley english says:

      you know, kim, i honestly don’t remember. i *think* i may have come across it at either t.j.maxx, or tuesday morning, over a year ago, but i can’t absolutely remember. there are no tags or labels or brand recognition on the hat, so i have no way of providing a source. sorry i can’t be more helpful!

  • Kris says:

    Hi Ashley. Your orchard sounds like it will be great! I grew up in orchard country in the Okanagan of BC. I now live up North in Canada and we are very limited with the fruit trees we can grow, but we do grow some apples and a sour cherry.

    I lent your bee keeping book to a friend and long-time keeper of bees and she says it is the best beginner’s bee keeping book she has ever read! Yay!

  • Nicole says:

    What a lovely weekend! A class on fermented beverages, fun! I love the hat, too. So cute.