• Loving this screen capture of our Huxley Wild. It's from a video our friend Ian made, using
  • I adore holiday lights. I also really love @thencarboretum. It's no surprise then that I'm giddily looking forward to the
  • That'll do pig, that'll do.
  • This is his
  • Brunch at Rhubarb-a good idea today, and always. Plancha roasted romaine with @lustymonk vinaigrette, @bentonsbacon, sunny side eggs, and fingerling potatoes. Not seen: a fried apple & cranberry hand pie that made my heart and belly happy. Huxley and @glennbenglish's, too.
  • My
  • The pies @rorris, @jenathan and I helped baking goddess @bakerhands make today will be available for purchase tomorrow at the North Asheville Tailgate Market from 8-1 pm, along with tarts and bread. Trust me, you don't want to miss out. Set your alarm clocks now!
  • When @bakerhands put out a call two days ago asking for a few hours of baking help today, I pounced at the chance to spend some quality time with such a warm, wise lady. When I found out @rorris and @jenathan had offered the same thing, the deal became even sweeter. The four of us gathered at Smoke Signals Bakery in Marshall today to chat, chew, and chop. Three cheers for wonderful people, delicious food, and fostering community. Hip, hip, freaking HOORAY!!! What a stellar day. *I was in charge of apple pie filling prep today. Photo credit to @rorris for capturing my hella serious pie-making game face!!!
  • When your morning looks like this, you know you're off to a good start. Was introduced to the glorious donuts and conviviality at @holedoughnuts today. Mercy! Goodness abounds.
  • Finally, I bring you this
  • This next pie is a pumpkin-meets-tiramisu hybrid, my
  • Up next in pie recipes with a Thanksgiving vibe from my book
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Weekend Review

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s been a wet one here in the cove today. We had a firewood delivery around noon consisting primarily of chunks of un-split locust. Viking that he is, Glenn went out, axe in hand, and helped the guys that brought the wood split and stack it. In the pouring rain. A keeper, that one.

The unseasonable weather this weekend was a thing of beauty, albeit it an odd, curious one. I noticed activity in both beehives, which is a good sign that they’re both still alive, but worrisome in that I hope they can hold out for the rest of the winter until nectar sources bloom. Still, it was lovely to see them in all their winged glory, buzzing about, being, well, bees.

Saturday we took advantage of the balmy 70 degree weather (punctuated with what I told Glenn were “kissing”, gentle breezes) and headed over to the Biltmore. I have a feeling those annual passes gifted to us by my ever-generous in-laws will be put to much use this year. With over 22 miles of hiking trails, plus restaurants featuring local, sustainable eats, we seriously dig it, and Huxley is equally smitten.

Sunday, after having our morning coffee in the garden (in January, people!), Huxley suggested we follow suit after the dogs and “Go for a walk in the forest, Mommy?” And so, to the woods we took. The creek was the highlight of the trek, clearly. I felt immense gratitude as we walked at being able to leave our home and walk directly into a wooded forest for a stroll. It is a gift that I do not take lightly.

Above, you can see:
*The Bass Pond, where we kicked off our walk on Saturday. I see a picnic here in our future.
*The pond’s waterfall; I have a feeling we’ll be getting our feet wet in that creek come a spike in the mercury.
*As it’s been said (by me), “The family that plaids together, glads together” (Glenn was in the go-to pattern, too, naturally).
*Quite possibly the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had, enjoyed at Cedric’s. Made with Benton’s bacon, house-made boursin, Ashe County cheddar, Cabot white cheddar, and tomato, served alongside an amazing pumpkin & apple soup. DAYUUM, people.
*On the run in the children’s maze.
*Tractor bliss.
*Beautiful plumage.
*A forest pixie.
*”Riding” a log (he yells “He Haw”, cowboy-style, every time he straddles a log).

I love weekends like this. I asked Glenn if he would have imagined, in his youth, his adult self finding such joy in family time and simple pleasures like walks in the forest and cuddles from a tiny guy. I was wondering the same thing myself, a former raver (Lord, that feels so weird to even write) and club circuit lover-turned homesteader. We both agreed that, yes, yes we could imagine our young selves enjoying this slower, quieter life. There’s a time and a place for everything. Right now, my place is happy to be in a wet cove, with an axe-wielding husband and a log-riding son.

Here’s wishing the week ahead is filled with health and happiness for you and yours!

*If you’re so inclined, you can see many more photos from our escapades here

8 Responses to Weekend Review

  • Aimee (EcoGrrl) says:

    heh heh, raver. heh heh. reminds me of me wearing my old depeche mode concert shirt while working in the garden.

  • Paula M says:

    I love, love all the pictures of Huxley in a tractor. In Newfoundland we had a blizzard on the weekend, 40F and sunny today! Weather Gods are crazy!

  • Rebecca says:

    We got season passes gifted to us for the holidays as well and have been out there a few times already as well. Iggy loves the farm and hiking the trails and exploring by red wagon. We love that we can take the dog too! I can’t wait to get on some of the bike trails.

  • jen says:

    We are already enjoying our annual Biltmore passes. We took the bikes out the weekend before last and rode about 8 miles, enjoying the nature and the beautiful grounds and the peace. I do look forward to picnics this summer and fall (with our own little one!) and seeing the estate through all seasons.

    We had a “forest” in our backyard when we lived near Charlotte. I love Asheville and I know it’s my true home, but I miss having that easy access. You just don’t get that living steps from downtown. Fortunately, we can walk a few minutes to the UNCA botanical gardens and take advantage of all that loveliness.

    Looked like a glorious weekend!

  • russ says:

    Huxley is so adorable!! I am a also a happy beekeeper, chicken lover, and a garden grower along with a bunch of other hobbies. I have your books Keeping Bees and Keeping Chickens, love them both. Since you have so many talents and are such a great writer, have you thought about writing a book on herbs (growing, harvesting, and cooking with herbs)?

    • i adore that idea! honestly, i’ve had many more ideas for future “homemade living” series books. at this point, the ball is in my publisher’s court (lark crafts). i’m about to begin a new book, with roost, so something else in the hl series would have to wait. i’d love to write more of those books, though!

  • Rachel Wertheimer says:

    Ashley, your brown shoes are terribly cute. Maybe even as cute as Huxley’s plaid shirt…? :) Where did you get the shoes?
    My sweet girlfriend gave me your cookbook for the recent holidays. Can’t wait to try out my first pie!