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Watermelon Fever

Hi all! My “Small Measures with Ashley” post is up on Design Sponge. This week I share my fetish for all things watermelon. With the insane heat this summer, the fruit was my go-to pregnancy hydrater of choice.

The 10 day forecast for my area indicates nary a day with temps over 83 degrees. Should that prove true, I’ll be one happy lady. I mean, I’ve learned to live with cooling mint tea and copious watermelon and cold showers and minimally cooked dinners like Glenn’s gazpacho, but what I really want, what I really crave, is to wrap myself in a cardigan, eat hot steel-cut oats for breakfast, sip on hot tea, and watch the autumn leaves turn a riot of color and fall.

Have a glorious weekend, wherever the wind takes you!

*Image from here.

6 Responses to Watermelon Fever

  • Dan says:

    Mom and I are enjoying some delicious yellow water melon. It is very sweet. Just like you, Joy

  • Leigh says:

    So, have you tried watermelon gazpacho? It's amazing. You should absolutely whip some up–now.

  • Nancy from Mass says:

    Hey! Is that Moon & Stars Watermelon? How was it to grow? I might try that one next year, or Astrahanska. Makes me want watermelon rind pickles….

  • Leigh-I haven't actually had watermelon gazpacho. Sounds amazing, though!

    Nancy-I didn't grow the melons in the photo. They're from the blog linked to at the bottom of the post. I'd love to grow them next year, though. They're SO beautiful!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thought I'd say hello & share that I too have had watermelon fever this summer.

    Unfortunately, paying $15.99 per melon is out of my grocery budget so I've had to suffer without it.

    And no…not kidding. $15.99 is on sale, actually. And up from the original $11.99.

    See for yourself:

    Much love from an overseas Army wife,

  • Growing up in Texas as a kid, watermelon was practically a main course on Sundays. Just the other day I was in the grocer (here in the Midwest) and I was knocking on a melon. The produce guy came over and asked if he could help me pick out a “good one.” And I knocked a good one right in front of him and said, “Nope…this one is perfect!” He seemed surprised but suspicious and asked me how did I know? I told him I was raised in Texas by a father who taught me well. He immediately smiled and said, “I won't argue with a Texan. Texans know their watermelons!” Thanks for sharing.