• Giveaway of my book
  • Putting this chair into early retirement today. It has received an abundance of pet love these past 7 years, especially from our Lab Dexter for whom it has served as a sort of
  • Misty mountain mornings are my jam. View from our entry porch, looking towards @entopticon's shop.
  • To camp or not to camp, that is the blog post up on small measure (link is in my profile).
  • The mimosa trees are blooming!
  • Enjoying some rosé and the rosy, crepuscular glow earlier tonight with my shirtless, poochy-bellied boy.
  • Stripes versus plaids, at yesterday's picnic. How gorgeous is that cornhole board @entopticon made?! It'll be included as a project in the book. I'm the luckiest lady.
  • Scrumptious salad in an absolutely beautiful Melissa Weiss pottery bowl at the @melissaweisspottery dinner at @allsoulspizza
  • Sunday picnics in the park with a gaggle of wee ones are some kind of wonderful. Photographed the 10th picnic for my book today with @jeniferaltman. Ten down, ten to go!
  • Giving away a copy of Blissful Belly Coloring Journal over on small measure. Link to the blog is in my profile.
  • Crabcakes, sunny side up eggs, hollandaise, and roasted asparagus on the porch with @entopticon and Huxley. Summer, you're winning me over. A little.
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Time In A Bottle

It’s understandable to ask, with all the readily available provisions hugging grocery store shelves ‘Why should I can?’ I ask, why wouldn’t you can? It’s easy, fun, healthful, and a great way to use up a whole heap of produce that you just can’t quite figure out what to do with.
Check out these three new videos my favorite ebony-haired editor put together on why you might want to consider firing up the canner yourself!

8 Responses to Time In A Bottle

  • Anonymous says:

    Very imformative

  • Anonymous says:

    This inspires me to give it a try.

  • sk says:

    Cool! I'm especially interested in the saving money part. Thanks for posting videos!

  • EcoGrrl says:

    love it. my mum canned every summer and i've been slowly doing it (started with jam, this year i'm going full throttle!).

    readers – you can find cheap canning kits (the pot with all the tools) at most decent-size hardware stores. mine was $20 for the whole thing :)

    great book i just picked up too is 'jam it, pickle it, cure it' – only $17 on and goes WAY beyond canning to everything else you can make on your own (and in non-intimidating language!).

  • Good lord, you are cute as a button. Those glasses are TO DIE. OK, back to canning – I'm intrigued by the non-fruit products (tomato chutney, etc.), especially since berries are so expensive in New York – even at the farmer's markets. I'm also a pickle fanatic with an Iran fetish, so Persian pickles seem just my speed…xoxoxo

  • nicole says:

    i got an old (but fine) canner from a friend and will be buying my other essentials this week, so i can get some canning done before the end of summer. there's still time for jam, pickles, and more. and then come the apples with fall. so excited!

  • maia says:

    hi ashley! not sure if you remember me from the asheville days. i was so happy that jen passed your blog along to me. she's been sharing wonderful stories about your land and beautiful life out there in the mountains. i recently moved into a house with a little bit of land in chatham county and am slowly starting to grow food with the hope to add more each year. i can't wait for your books to come out. i'm interested in learning more about canning. my husband and i brought home chicks this past spring and are looking forward to the fresh eggs as well. thanks for the inspiration! –maia

  • Of course I remember you, Maia! I'm so happy for you and your new endeavors, and your new baby, if I'm not mistaken, which is a whole other sort of endeavor, really! Feel free to write me directly if any questions come up for you with the chicks or with canning. My books on both of those topics will be out in April. Be well!