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The Calm

Oh, man. What a week last week was! We did two of the final photo shoots for the new book, had a photo shoot out here on Friday with Anthology magazine (it was SO much fun, I can’t wait to see Jen‘s photos!!!), and I had to get all of the copy-editing done for the new book during any fleeting free minutes I could find. In short, a whale of a week, but, overall, a whale of a good time.

Come this past weekend, then, I was ready to leave the computer and spend some much-needed face time with friends and family. Saturday morning, Hubs popped into town to get some absolutely transcendent muscadine & scuppernog croissants from our friend Dave’s bakery, Farm & Sparrow. He also gathered up a few seasonal items for brunch with our friends Rene, Billy and their adorable daughter, Trumie Rose. We feasted on hot coffee, fresh apple cider (from a nearby orchard), the aforementioned croissants, black pepper bacon, herbed scrambled eggs (that included a medley of lemon balm, sage, rosemary, marjoram and thyme gathered from our yard) and a roasted vegetable hash (the same herb blend was tossed with onions, purple sweet potatoes, japanese eggplant, baby crookneck yellow squash and purple sweet peppers and roasted to perfection). 
Later that day, after our morning guests had headed on, Ian and Kristina came over to chat about an idea I’ve been percolating (I’ll pass on more info as soon as I’m more certain about the direction of the idea…). We nursed Pumpkin Ales and Pear Ciders as Huxley romped around the living room. They ran home to feed their pups then returned for a late night dinner. Hubs whipped up some “Meditteranean Beef & Buckwheat” (recipe forthcoming) and we hung around the table as the baby drifted off to sleep, I slipped into flannel p.j.’s and the night wrapped its chilly embrace around us. 
Sunday I met up with my mom and grandmother for some outdoor romping time with Huxley. They were silly, he was full of squeals, and I was pleased to end a hectic week with a calm spirit. 
Here’s wishing you a splendid October. It’s my most beloved month, making me feel full of promise, inspiration and possibility. 
*Photos all courtesy of the lovely and talented Rene Treece Roberts (link above). For more brunchy cuteness, go here. 

5 Responses to The Calm

  • I love October too! Foliage is at peak just now here in New England and the temperatures are perfect for wearing cozy sweaters.

    Also, the photos featuring your little one are too cute!

    Katherine @ thistle handmade

  • Michele says:

    love, love, love.

    those pictures are adorable.(love that sweet first one!)
    the food sounds warm and belly filling.
    and i can't even express my love for fall.

    i'm excited to hear about your new idea too!

  • elisa says:

    sounds amazing, through and through xx

  • Cat K. says:

    How did I miss the grape croissants?! That sounds awesome. I did get a pretty amazing Farm & Sparrow apple tart for my breakfast though, and it made my Saturday!

  • jen says:

    My two new favorite words: muscadine & scuppernog.

    Going to google them right now! (I'm assuming muscadine has to do with grapes but scuppernog–what could that be??)