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The Birds & The Bees (Humpday Giveaway, Part 1)

It’s official, spring has sprung! On this first day of the season, there is no doubt that the time of flowers and growth and abundance is upon us. I don’t know where you live, but here, the daffodils have already peaked, the tulips are emerging from their slumber party in the soil, and the apple trees are shamelessly showing off their pink finery. Spring. Is. Here.

This fecund green season is the time of projects for many of us. It’s also the time many newbie beekeepers and chicken-tenderers dip their toes into the age-old waters of animal husbandry. In recognition of that, and of all of this new life in the soil, on the ground, in the air and, well, pretty much everywhere, I’m giving away copies of two books in my Homemade Living series to one small measure reader, Keeping Bees today and, in a few weeks, Keeping Chickens.

In addition to the book itself, I want to sweeten the pot (literally) and include a jar of lavender infused honey for the winner of Keeping Bees. One of my most beloved herbs, the lavender used to infuse the honey I’ll be giving away was grown just steps outside our front door, and then harvested and dried at the end of this last growing season. Infused honeys are incredibly easy to create and are fantastic go-to gifts for birthdays, housewarmings, or anytime a little special sumpin’ sumpin’ is in order. If you’d like to make an infusion of your own, here’s how:
Infused Honey (from Keeping Bees: All You Need to Know to Tend Hives, Harvest Honey & More, Ashley English, Lark Books, 2011)
Yield: 8 ounces (1 cup).

You will need:
-1 cup honey
-Herb or spice infusing agent of choice
*Herbal infusing options include: basil, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, marjoram, peppermint, rosemary, rose petals, sage, spearmint, tarragon, and thyme.
Spice infusing options include: allspice berries, anise seeds, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick, citrus peel, whole cloves, gingerroot slices, star anise, and vanilla bean pod.

To prepare:
1. Sterilize either two 4-ounce or one 8-ounce jar(s) by submerging into boiling water for about 30-40 seconds. Using a cloth, dry completely, leaving no traces of water whatsoever.
2. Place infusing agent of choice into the jar(s). If using fresh herbs, use 1-2 sprigs; if using spices, use 1-2 teaspoons, depending on intensity of flavor desired.
3. Put honey into a stainless-steel pot. Warm over medium-low heat until it moves easily in the pot, appearing completely “runny.” Don’t allow the honey to boil, only to be fully warmed.
4. With the aid of a funnel, pour honey into each jar, completely covering the infusing agent.
5. Allow jar(s) to cool at room temperature. Once fully cooled, place a lid or cork (depending on bottle being used) over the jar’s opening.
6. Store in a cool, dark area, such as a pantry or basement. Allow to infuse for at least one week before use, two weeks if at all possible.
7. Use within one year.
*If you’d prefer, you may also strain off the jar’s contents, composting the solids, after the one-two week infusing period. 

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment below, stating why you’d like to keep bees. Canadians, feel free to enter, but know that, should a Canuck be the winner, we’ll have to (sadly) forgo the honey, as international shipping of food items gets dicey. I’ll run the giveaway until next Wednesday, March 28th, ending at midnight EST. 

The birds and the bees are doing their thing! Now, do yours!  

UPDATE: The winner of my “Keeping Bees” book and infused honey is Heather of Whatcha Buildin?”! Thank you so much to everyone that entered!!!

129 Responses to The Birds & The Bees (Humpday Giveaway, Part 1)

  • Sarah Tewhey says:

    My nuc is coming next month and Keeping Bees would be such a welcome addition. I'm starting a hive for so many reasons (decreasing pollinator numbers, honey of our own, teaching my little boys about their foodshed), but mainly for the sheer joy of it. I. can't. wait.

  • amoskin says:

    I would like to have bees to help their numbers since they've been in decline and would like to have them pollinate flowers and vegetation in my garden and neighborhood. I don't feel like I see nearly as many as I did growing up but that might be a difference between California and Michigan as well.

  • Lucinda says:

    HONEY, Honey!

  • Meg says:

    …this would be such a treat! I am trying bees for the first time this year – bees are scheduled to arrive in the mail early May – piles of library books in the house, would love to have my own copy of Keeping Bees – and the other goodies as well. I am trying bees as we dabble our homesteading ventures, and just being brave and trying something new!

  • alison says:

    Such a great giveway. We'd love to do this merely as a wonderful lesson for our son, but us as well! Thank you.

  • Kim says:

    Last Spring, I began my bee journey when I asked my local beekeepers to set up a hive in my backyard. After hosting the hive for the last year, I'd like to begin to tend bees on my own. I invited them here to learn the trade, to support the creation of new colonies, to pollinate our vegetable garden and flower beds, and to take my children on a fun adventure. After getting to know the bees, we hope they stay in our lives forever and become our livelihood.

  • Bees are definitely on my short list of things to do. I want my own source of honey as I often bake with it. I have a few of your other books and thoroughly enjoy them!

  • lauren beck says:

    My brother actually keeps bees, but getting him to explain anything is rough. If nothing else but than the hobby, but to help bee populations and (of course) the sweet, delicious honey. Absolutely love to!

  • Oh bees. I long for bees. We are on the cusp of getting our first chickens (got your chickens book from library) and will be getting bees as soon as we find land for our boys to run and grow on…
    thanx for the opportunity

  • nala says:

    like the others have said–help the bees and help my tummy! i think it would be a great learning experience and a skill i'd like to have.

  • amanda says:

    oh, yes please! My husband and I actually got our first hive last year~ we ordered Russian bees from Ray Revis out in Marion and thought (really, really thought) we had it all together, but somewhere along the way, something went wrong. We didn't get them until fairly late in the year and I just don't think they were strong enough to ward off robbers. Things were looking great for a couple months and then very quickly their numbers started to fall and their stores were dwindling despite our efforts to supplement them. This year, we are starting again, with Italians, and with 2 hives.

    Certainly, we could use as many great bee books in our library as we can get a hold of!

    thanks for offering one of your books as a giveaway~ and that honey sounds amazing!

  • sarah says:

    Oh my goodness, I'd love to keep bees! We're doing our little part here to be as sustainable as possible — chickens, garden, maple syruping, cooking from scratch — and I'm always trying to add more things! Bees have been on my wishlist for a while.

  • mmmm i love the sound of infused honey! i would love this book to give to my husband. he is always talking about how he would love to keep bees- perhaps this would inspire him to follow his curiosity.

  • Andie says:

    I would like to keep bees because I watched my mother do it when I was younger. I loved watching her prepare, putting on the suit and the hat and starting the smoker, and I was spoiled by having fresh honeycombs in the house throughout my childhood. I want to start a hive so that I can follow in my mother's footsteps and share this tradition with my children so they too will know where their honey comes from.

  • Paula M says:

    Sad that since I'm in Canada I can't have the honey but it is very well worth it entering this contest for the book alone. I would love the have bees not just for the honey – which I'm a complete addict for – but also for the amazing beeswax which I use in basically all my Olivia Canela products.

  • Last year my husband and I started talking about keeping bees here on our three acres. Only a couple of hives that's all we want. I'm not one to jump into anything without research and a lot of reading on the subject. So that is exactly what we've been doing this past year – mostly doing research on the internet. A good book like the one you are offering would be a dream to read. As I am a Canuck I'm sad I won't be enjoying the honey; if I win 😉 I love your blog Ashley and since the weekend I've been reading a lot in the archives.

  • I would love to keep bees for the honey and also to help honeybee populations across the country. You used to see bees everywhere, and now all I see are carpenter and mason bees. I also love “Keeping Chickens” so I'm looking forward to reading your book on bees!

  • Caron says:

    I just “graduated” from my county bee school yesterday. My bees will arrive in a few weeks and would love more reference. I am excited and um… a little nervous. Thanks for the nice offering!

  • we love honey! we've talked about keeping bees and chickens for a long time. this is now a reality since we recently bought our own home!

  • Tracie says:

    I 've been keeping bees for 4 years. Am I still considered a newbie? I would just love a copy of your book. Thank you for sharing the infused honey recipe. It sounds divinely delicious.

  • Henry'sMama says:

    I'd love to keep bees! Hoping they'd have a splendid time flying over our 2 acres and beyond – pollinating and making honey! Thank you!!

  • Kalin says:

    Beekeeping runs in my husband's family, and his cousin currently runs their operation in Canada. I would love to bring a bit of that family history to the States. Plus, I love their summer hum.

  • kelly says:

    I need more garden friends!

  • Kate says:

    I would like to begin my research of bee keeping. I think it would be wonderful to have pollinators so close to my gardens and the honey would be a welcome perk as well!

  • Mindy says:

    I have wanted to keep bees for a long time, one, because I love honey and all of its great benefits, two, I've read that bee stings decrease the pain of connective tissue disorders, and three, bees are fascinating creatures!

  • Linda says:

    While keeping bees isn't an option right now, I would love to be able to do so just because I have such strong memories of the honeycomb in clear plastic containers that my grandpa loved. A friend of his gave them to him in exchange for keeping the bees at the farm.

  • This summer, we are getting two hives. We are first timers at this. But we figure since we bought this great property, we need to jump in with both feet. :-)

  • Kristy says:

    I know nothing about keeping Bees and would love to be introduced to the art of bee keeping. Thank you for your inspirational writing.

  • Mari says:

    On a day like this, when I have a cough and a cold, one of the most comforting things is hot tea with lemon and lots of honey… And I'm hoping that, in the not-too-distant future, I will be able to source the honey from my own backyard.

  • Beth says:

    Keeping bees would be wildly exciting.. just to watch their social interactions and their work ethic! And their bounty would be amazing… I wanted to start bees after I took your chicken class, but my husband thought a summer camp was not the best place to raise bees… maybe one day. Reading Keeping Chickens got me my spring flock last year…

  • Casey says:

    Signed up for my first nuc and at the edge of my seat. Have so loved this book. Will hold tight to that honey recipe for my lavender, beauty!

  • kyunglee says:

    Honey has so many uses besides being delicious. We would love to try keeping bees just to learn more about them and would enjoy adding them to our tiny urban farm (we're planning on getting chickens again).

  • Meghan says:

    We're working on becoming ever more self sufficient and teaching our one year old sun all about nature!

  • Meghan says:

    We are working on becoming ever more self sufficient and teaching our one year old son about nature!

  • I would love to teach my children to keep bees. This will be our first spring with baby chicks :)

  • alexa says:

    Why would I like to keep bees? That's a fair question. See, I live in a 14 story condo building with my husband and our 2 monkeys. Everyday we dream about our future house in the country – full pastures, chickens scratching in the yard, plentiful garden, and bees.

    I have to be honest here and mention that my personal motivation for keeping bees, aside from the benefits of pollination, would be the honey. I love honey. I love it in my tea. I love it in my baking. I love using it as a remedy for the flu, sore throats, cuts and the like.

    Anyhow, back to our story. Last year, we decided that we would make our dream come true and are actively searching for that plot of land to call “home”.

    And so, whether or not we win, I think “Keeping Bees” would be a handy book to have on hand. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Erin says:

    I've always wanted to keep bees but was hesitant because our next door neighbour's boy (we live in the city) carries an epi-pen for a bee allergy. They'll be moving this summer which, while I'm sad that they're moving away, means that the possibility of bees for me has just gotten a bit more realistic. I'd love to read up more on keeping bees so that I could maybe start up next spring!

    (and should this Canuck win I'll be truly sad about the jar of honey, but I understand :)

  • Kassandra Hinds says:

    I am inspired to become a bit more self sufficient and teach my daughters the joys of home-steading. We purchased our mixed flock of chickens last year after reading your book, 'Keepng Chickens' from our local library. We have had a wonderful time with the girls in the antics of our flock and eating the delicious eggs they provide. I look forward to expanding our country roots, perhaps with a few hives by next year. Thanks for inspiring us to teach our children the joys to be found in creating/cultivating nature and home.

  • petoskystone says:

    I would like to keep bees to help bolster bee numbers, to help my wee garden along, & for my favorite sort of honey: comb honey :))

  • Julie says:

    I've wanted to keep bees to experience animal husbandry, and understand the wonderful codependence of keeping bees. That, and I love honey!

  • Missy says:

    Keeping bees brings back memories of my father all suited up and moving his bees up to the local orchard. I'd love to give it a try, especially to help out our apple trees in our backyard and neighborhood.

  • I am interested in this book first and foremost because I love your style of writing and reading your books has been a sheer joy (Canning and Chickens). Secondly, I'd like to know more about bee-keeping. I actually have a little bit of a fear of bees (and the like) but I think if I could understand them more, I could get over it. Lastly, we'd love to start using raw honey in our diet – a commodity we just can't afford at the moment. Thank you!

  • My wife and three boys have been wanting to start keeping bees to help with the pollination of our garden and flowers. We grow heirlooms and look forward to saving our seeds from year to year. For several years we hardly saw any honeybees, but over the past three years we have had three neighbors within two blocks of us start hives. They have been very successful and we are seeing them more and more. Now we want to get in on the fun. With neighbors doing such we are confident that we would have a great support network and we are joining our local beekeeper association. A copy of your book would be a wonderful tool for our foray into the world of bees!

  • cassie says:

    why wouldn't i like to keep bees? delicious honey, pollinate my garden, insure that the food supply continues…

  • Bee keeping is cool, sure that's reason enough, and I see it in my future because I want it to be so badly. Last week, I called the Master Beekeepers in my island area and, sadly, all the mainland seminars are too far away.
    My five year old eats more than her share of our island honey sold at the local farmer's market. She wants to be a farmer, and as she said, “bees are a farmer's best friend because they help the crops so, Mama, I want bees to help my tummy and our island farms.”

  • Carol D says:

    The honey! And to pollinate the garden.

  • CCarter says:

    I would love a copy of your book. I'm a bit intimidated by the price of equipment in my area, but all the better reason to build my own!

  • mamma g says:

    Very curious in the whole bee keeping adventure. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about it!

  • mamma g says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Katie says:

    Over the last two years, our little postage stamp backyard in Philadelphia has seen the growth of a handsome young fig, bountiful lavender, and a baby peach tree that grew twelve feet and bore four of the most beautiful, delicious peaches you've ever seen by its first summer. That little oasis has become the source of such delight and calm in our sometimes too hectic lives. Besides all the altruistic reasons to keep bees, I know that caring for them bring that sense of connection with the natural world to an even deeper level.

  • Colleen says:

    This is the only one of your books that I do not yet own. I would love to add it to my collection :-)

  • Chontelle says:

    We have dreamed of having bees for a while now and this generous opportunity would help get us started as we continue on our journey of growing and eating from our doorstep as well as nurturing the Earth. xoC

  • Sharon in Maine says:

    I'm afraid of bees but desperately want to have them on our homestead. Would love to win the book and honey. Perhaps that would push me over the “fear factor”… Thanks for the give-away!
    my e-mail
    haleypond at psouth dot net

  • Dixie says:

    That's like the “last frontier” for us and our homestead. I have wanted bees for years and one day I will have them! There are so many positives about having a hive (pollination, honey and it's health benefits, and so much more.) Thank you for offering this. Maybe it's what I need to get me started.

  • Anonymous says:

    I want to keep bees to enjoy the benefit of their pollination efforts, and a little of my own honey would be very nice too!
    Jen – jalley22 at hotmail dot com

  • cindy says:

    when i was a kid, we had a man that kept bees on our property. i want to learn learn to keep bees and pass that experience and knowledge on to my children. it's so important!

  • kimP says:

    ~ to continue our adventure in educating our children & keeping life as local as possible. first, chickens, then on to bees! :)

  • Michelle says:

    Would love to keep bees, my chickens are first but then bees!


  • Amber says:

    <3 You are amazing...I still can't wait to start hives, but can't where I am right now.

    Thanks for sharing infused honey ideas! Amber

    (Pixie's Pocket Infused Honey:

  • My two daughters go to an alternative school in the city (Toronto… cannuck to the bone!) It is an eco-school with a fabulous outdoor kindergarten and a strong outdoor ed component up to Grade 8. I think bee keeping would be an excellent hands on way for the oldest students to experience and understand the importance of these beautiful little insects to the ecosystem. The honey could be shared with the younger students and it would be another yearly tradition for the children to look forward to. Lots of hoops to jump through administratively, but your book would be a great start!

    Happy Spring!

  • Brooke says:

    Would love the book as my husband and I have started researching bee keeping!

  • To help bees is to help our planet & thus ourselves. A honey harvest would be a lovely bonus!

  • Jane says:

    My goal is to have bees within 5 years. For some reason it seems like a huge step for me! Your book would be such a welcome gift. Not to mention the honey, as if honey and lavender aren't heavenly enough on their own! I bet it's amazing.

  • Cary says:

    Bees!!! I hope to take a beekeeping class in the fall- our local community college offers one. Why bees? Honey, of course!

  • heather says:

    I am seriously considering keeping bees, this would be a great help!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am taking the beekeeping class through the Forsyth County Beekeepers Association and learning that these eusocial creatures are complex and extraordinary. Two hives at our community garden await my guardianship when I pass my exam, so I NEED YOUR BOOK NOW!

    Best wishes from Winston-Salem! DU

  • FrugalDeb says:

    I don't have the space but my daughter does and I know this is something she would like to try.

  • Lauren says:

    I'd like to keep bees for the scrumptious honey and as pollinators for my garden.

  • k a t says:

    I'm house hunting right now and room for chickens and bees is high on my list of priorities. Not an easy task within the city limits! Wish me luck!

  • kelley k. says:

    I've been taking books out of the library now about keeping bees for the last couple months and yours has been the most helpful by far. Would love to set up some hives as part of the community garden I run!

  • lauren says:

    Help the pollination of my veggy garden :)

  • unsightly says:

    I can't decide between bees and chickens. I only have time for one!

  • Rebecca says:

    I would love to have bees to help my garden (and to have beeswax for candles!)

  • Rachel says:

    Dreams of bees someday on land in Colorado (we're in the burbs in Colorado now). LOVE your books, but don't have this one. Thanks for the opportunity and peace to you!

  • Meaghan says:

    I would like to wim this for my mom as she has been talking about keeping bees for a while now and i think this book could be the motivation she needs to jump in. :)

  • Tanya says:

    My husband took a bee class last year and we got our first hive. We are kindof stuck now on what to last week a tree fell on our hive so we are worried about our little bees now. Thankfully, he moved the tree and the hive was still in tack(from the outside)…we just really need some more hand holding with this and your book looks like what we need (-:

  • Jake n Kait says:

    I'd love to raise bees, however a few things keep me from taking the plunge (right now) We rent and I'd like to set up a hive once we actually live in a more permanent location, also my father in law is horribly allergic and I don't want him to fear coming over!

  • Melanie J. says:

    I would love to keep bees both for the honey and their pollinating properties…I look forward to having a hive or three when I finally move out of the city. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Ashley!

  • Rachel says:

    We could use a few hives on our farm to help with pollination and to try out honey as an item in our CSA.

  • Rachel says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Dorothy says:

    My hubby and I just read Novella Carpenter's Farm City, and are feeling like we might finally give bees a go. WE are getting ready to move in the next week, so the hive will probably have to wait until next year, but your book would be a great reference for all that planning for next year!

  • Tracy says:

    I took the beginning beekeeping class last year and I can't wait to have bees. I'm especially interested in bees to pollinate my gardens.

  • Jeanne says:

    i have a huge lavender plant on my back patio that literally swarms with bees – I love sitting next to that plant and watching them work and buzz. So amazing.

  • Trina-Lea says:

    Keeping bees would be a dream come true…with the gorgeous honey and beeswax just being a delicious bonus!
    I infused some local honey with sweet violets that I had wild-crafted last year…sampling some of your lavender honey would be a sweet treat…thank you.

  • Trina-Lea says:

    Keeping bees would be a dream come true…with the gorgeous honey and beeswax just being a delicious bonus!
    I infused some local honey with sweet violets that I had wild-crafted last year…sampling some of your lavender honey would be a sweet treat…thank you.

  • cher says:

    What a sweet giveaway. I've been keeping bees and chickens on my Kentucky homestead for more than ten years now, but there is always so much more to learn. One of your books would be such a wonderful resource! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • kv says:

    i've checked each of your books out at the library. hoping to add them each to my own library over time. great resources. thank you!

  • kv says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • boann says:

    I would love to keep both bees and chickens as I don't have the space to keep anything mch bigger. I do love honey on everything and have dreams of keeping bees.

  • Yasmin says:

    As Winnie-the-Pooh so aptly said, “That buzzing noise means something. Now, the only reason for making a buzzing noise that I know of is because you are… a bee! And the only reason for being a bee is to make honey. And the only reason for making honey is so I can eat it.”

  • Christie Mac says:

    I would like to keep bees because it would fulfill a fantasy that I've had for quite some time. You see, both my father and grand-father kept bees. They each had a few hives in their yards, but worked together to care for their hives. Sadly, Grampa is gone, but I'd love to be able to experience bees with my Dad, and then be able to share it with my daughter. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Surya says:

    We're on the verge of both bees and chickens, having last year pulled up the asphalt that covered our backyard. We're city folk with a hankering for country life and making a bit of it where we can. I've been eying both books for a long while now, so I know either one would be a great addition to our “city farming” shelf! Not to mention the honey. Yum!

  • Amy says:

    Beekeeping is one of the new things I would love to learn! It is in our family history, and I have always felt a pull to do this. I am trying to learn as much as I can, so as soon as I am out of an apartment I can start working with these great creatures.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am hoping to realize a long time dream and start keeping bees soon – both to fertiize a small farm project and harvest honey. I am completely in awe of these creatures and what they contribute. thanks for the opportunity!

  • tanya Good says:

    I would love your books I've heard so many great things about them!! I took a 2 day bee course last year and loved it, can't wait to start my own, and don't even get me started on Chickens, don't think I can own them in my back yard, but I'm not positive about that yet, still researching.
    I hope it's me you pick, I hope I hope!

  • Megan says:

    This is the last book I need in your series! Last summer I dipped into the bee world with a little mason bee house and I am hoping to expand it.

  • knittinghen says:

    I love this book. I checked it out from our local library and would love to win a copy. We are planning on getting bees in 2013!!

  • We just ordered bees! This will be a new experience for my boyfriend and I. Looking forward to the challenge. This book would really help us along!

  • Alicia-Marie says:

    Honey is a perk; however, I am most interested in keeping bees to help increase their population numbers (since it has declined in recent years).

  • I've been using a lot more honey lately. I buy it at the farmer's market (and I love supporter local farmers). However, I love doing things myself, so I'd love to learn how to keep bees!

  • Stephinie says:

    Mainly to help honeybee population, for sure. My heart is really telling me it's the thing to do. Of course honey and extra pollination are at the top of the list also. We're a year away from moving and bees are most certainly on the farm list…..

  • Helois says:

    I am taking a bee keeping class this may and would love this book to keep on hand for reminders LOL.


  • Lisa Jo says:

    I'd love to win this book! I've always been intrigued with the idea of keeping bees ourselves, and I think my kids would be fascinated, and we'd love having our own honey supply, as well as pollinators for our garden!

  • oukay says:

    I would love to keep bees for their honey and to help pollinate my veggies.

  • Libby says:

    I would love to keep bees (even though they totally terrify me) because my family goes through a ton of honey every year. I would love to be able to provide this from our own backyard!

  • elizabeth says:

    ooooh! I love the idea of helping the bees fight their decline, but mostly I love all that a hive is full of female workers. I love that in Bee hives (and with chickens) the girls are the producers!

  • Anonymous says:

    For honey, most definitely! Count me in please.

    Britt T.


  • Leigh says:

    Sustainability and increasing the bee population! Thanks for the chance. nasturtium(at)

  • Keely M says:

    Have been thinking abt keeping bees for 4+ years now! Would love to have them both for the honey and the pollination :)

  • Heather says:

    I'd love to have my own source of sweet. We've grown sorghum (poorly) for a few years but honey would be amazing. Thanks. I just discovered your blog last week, but think I'm already hooked.

  • Geraldine says:

    Bees! I've wanted to learn about and start keeping bees for a while, but I need to convince other folks in the house it's a good idea! Soon, I hope…

  • Mary Jet says:

    Because keeping bees in the city is the bees' knees!

  • Marlo says:

    Oh my word. I have been wanting your book so badly, but I have ben waiting because I won't be able to get bees until next year. And lavendar infused honey?!? Send me to the moon. Here's hoping this will send me and my husband scurrying to get our own bees. I want to have bees for the health of eating local honey, as well as helping out the pollination of local plants. I think I can smell the lavendar already!

  • oh, me too … bees coming soon, enjoying the help of local folks but would love to have your book in my bee basket!

  • elaine says:

    Oh so many reasons to keep bees, it just seems like the right thing to do given the current state of the bees right now. But pollination of my little homestead is a biggy! Oh and then there is HONEY!!! :))

  • Kathleen says:

    I enjoy slathering honey on any and everything, so to be able to participate in the process myself would be incredible!

  • Beth says:

    I keep bees, but apparently am not very good at it, and have never been able to harvest any honey. I could use some advice!

  • Anonymous says:

    Bees…the great unknown to me, so I would love to read more about it. Thanks for the chance to win.


  • Anonymous says:

    I love bees! It would be grand to know how to help the the little buggers! I've never been afraid of bees, but a hive would give me pause. Help is needed; for them and for me.
    Thank you!

  • Mindy says:

    Today I am having my first interaction with bee keeping. I've got a box of mason bees in my crisper drawer awaiting the bee house installation today. I am very excited to dip my toes into this bee thing, and I am very interested in honey bees as well.
    Looking forward to the day when those sweet little mason bees emerge from their cacoons!

  • Mindy says:

    Today I am having my first interaction with bee keeping. I've got a box of mason bees in my crisper drawer awaiting the bee house installation today. I am very excited to dip my toes into this bee thing, and I am very interested in honey bees as well.
    Looking forward to the day when those sweet little mason bees emerge from their cacoons!

  • Mindy says:

    I am installing a mason bee house today! So eager to learn more about these curious creatures. Much love for the bees…

  • Star haus says:

    Wow! I am loving this! There is something really magical about bees and to be part of the sweet they make is very appealing to me.

  • Sorelle says:

    I would love to start learning the ways of beekeeping young (19 years old) and am very interested in the idea of organic farming and sustainable living… not to mention my absolute adoration of honey- I use it daily any and everywhere I can. After reading the post, I am most inspired to go and infuse some honey myself on this lovely spring day.

  • Grace says:

    I want to keep bees in part as a homesteading tool. Also I have always found bees to be fascinating creatures and I would love to study their society in person.

  • Oh my! I wish I had seen this sooner! We've been wanting bees for a while now…. they'd be such a lovely addition to our garden. There's just the right spot, by the creek and the fruit trees out back. We're trying to be as self-sufficient as we can in suburbia, and as my little guy pointed out, with honey from our own bees and the syrup from our trees, there'd be no shortage of sweet stuff to share and enjoy!

  • JCrain3 says:

    I want to keep bees because they are AMAZING creatures. Their survival will in turn determine our quality of life. People do not realize how important bees are to our world. I would LOVE to have a hive in my back yard, but my wife is against it right now, as we have a 5 year old and a 2 year old, and we live in the city. I have tried and tried to tell her that the bees will not bother our kids, but she is still scared of them getting stung. I WILL have a hive one day, even if it has to be after our children are older and not living at home. In the mean time, I will enjoy honey and reading all the info I can on bees and the joys of keeping them. Hopefully I will be able to add your book to my collection and the and that wonderful jar of honey that you are so graciously including with this contest.

  • lj says:

    I thought this came from – it's the same recipe, but no mention of where it came from.

  • Gail says:

    Husband wants to keep bees and this will be a great gift.