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The Best Part

Without question my favorite season, autumn offers up countless offerings of seasonal delights. Here are a few of my top pics. Hot mugs of tea. 
Butternut squash tucked into anything and everything. 
Working beside the wood stove. 

What are your autumnal pleasures?

13 Responses to The Best Part

  • Anna says:

    Such cozy photos. Fall is the best! Some favorites – caramel apples (specifically from Wilson Farms), fires in the fireplace (and that excellent toasty fire smell), shuffling and crunching through the leaves – such a good, pure kid-like feeling.

  • Anna says:

    Sun shining through golden leaves, all the delicious fall fruits and veggies, baking, getting outside in the beauty and also spending cozy days inside. I wish I had a wood stove!

  • I love fall, too. Some of my favorite simple pleasures include spending time with family and friends and enjoying the feel of a hot cup of coffee in my hands. I recently relocated to an area of the country with real seasons… so this year I am also enjoying walks and runs in the crisp autumn air, watching the leaves change color, and soaking up those oh-so-precious rays of sunshine.

    On a different note, I just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading it daily. Keep it up!

  • Courtney says:

    Squash is hands-down one of my favorite fall-pleasures. Sliced in half, dusted with cinnamon and ginger, and baked to soft perfection is my go-to dinner for chilly nights.

  • nicole says:

    the senses: the kiss of cooler fall air against skin, the scent of homes warming with fireplaces full of burning logs, the crunch of drying leaves underfoot

    the fashion: scarves, tights, snuggly sweaters

    the food: roasted squash with butter and maple syrup, soups served with crusty bread, comforting casseroles bubbling away in the oven, pumpkin pie

    the drink: hot cocoa with big marshmallows

    the action: slowing down, giving in to the desire to hibernate, long reading sessions with my nose buried in a good book

  • Jaimelee says:

    Hot tea with real cream and honey. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere and in everything. The smell of burning wood or leaves on the crisp fall air. Teaching my toddler about the colors and changing season. Crocheting & knitting, which I find the yarn too hot to work with in the summer. Cold crips apples, sometimes covered in caramel.

  • Celia says:

    I love your blog! Autumn is my favorite season. Some of my favorite pleasures of autumn are the smell of fires burning in the fireplaces, hot chocolate with marshmellows, hot apple cider, pomegranates, blankets, sweaters,the leaves, the colors….I love fall.

  • tigress says:

    trees, walking down my country road in the am in the perfect temperature, the first fires in the woodstoves since the early spring, still lifes of winter squash – and of course eating them, birthday presents and cake, and believe it or not winterizing the garden!

  • Jenn says:

    I love Fall. I made sure to get married in the heart of it all last year. Peak foliage makes for a great wedding pic! I just love the smells, sounds, sights…everything put together makes the perfect set up. The eating a great too!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love living in an area where we can really enjoy all of the four seasons,but I guess my favorite is also fall ! I have a 145 year old renovated farm house that sits on a knoll with 3 maple trees in the front yard ! Each tree has different colored leaves.One being orange,one yellow and the other red.I love my hugh front porch 30ft. X 12ft where I can view the pond/barn and watch the leaves as they change colors. It is soooo beautiful!!! Mom

  • sk says:

    What an awesome wood stove! Oh, just wow.
    And, what is that pot on top of it??

  • Sk-Thanks. We love it. The pot on top is used for dispersing humidity into the air. We fill it with water and the heat from the wood stove causes it to evaporate. A low-fi humidifier, if you will.

  • Robin says:

    Cider, pumpkin pie, butternut squash soup, making applesauce, bonfires and hot black coffee.