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That’s A Wrap!

We finished up the initial round of photos for “Home Dairy” (publication Spring 2011) yesterday. A colossal amount of shots were taken and, boy, are they ever beautiful.

I can say, with absolute certainty (and I know this with full conviction because I’ve researched the “competition”) that no comparable book on home dairy-making will exist once this beauty comes into print. Sumptuous, enticing photographs are just the tip of the iceberg, but they’re arguably the biggest initial draw.

You won’t be disappointed, I promise. You’ll have to rest on your laurels for another year, though! These guys can keep you company in the mean time.

11 Responses to That’s A Wrap!

  • nicole says:

    I second that. As someone who was there, I can say that people will be absolutely blown away by the gorgeous photography in the book. And with your thorough, hand-holding content added in, it's going to be spectacular. Now even I can make mozzarella and butter at home!

  • tigress says:

    that is very exciting! rickie the cheese queen's book has been my cheesemaking bible thus far. it's a great book so that is a pretty powerful statement. but i believe it! :)

  • OK, I need another cookbook (even one on home dairying – I have two) like I need another hole in my head, but I'm kinda excited about this one!

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks Amazing! Can't wait for the book. I have received the chickens and canning books from Amazon. They are wonderful.

  • Cyn says:

    Looks fabulous, Ashley! I can't wait to get your Canning & Preserving book, but I'm making myself wait until my designing project and giveaway are ready to go.

    Congratulations on all your hard work turning into something beautiful!

  • janey_13 says:

    Besides canning, keeping chickens, home dairy, and keeping bees are there any other books in this series? I'm really looking forward to them!

  • hi janey! i'm so excited, too!

    as for other books in the “homemade living” series, i certainly don't suffer from a lack of ideas. i've got a mess of them. where we're at right now is assessing how well the first two books do before moving on with future topics. i'd love to do as many as my publisher will allow!

  • Aah, I love your book topics!

  • ALFIE says:

    SO looking forward to the release of your books :)

  • Nell says:

    I've been getting down all weekend long with your home preserving book. Love it, love it, love it. Bring on the homemade dairy – I'm ready for it!

  • Kate Gatski says:

    really looking forward to “Home Dairy” – you're so right. there is a lack of books on the topic

    if you ever need any info on keeping a small herd of dairy cows- let us know

    we have a handful of jersey cows my husband milks by hand each morning.

    he bought a herd of cows when he was 19 and sold organic commodity milk. he loves dairy cows.

    all the best!