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Taproot Gathering


Oh, friends. Let me tell you. We have seriously been a house under siege since Friday. Lots of nose-blowing, and hot baths and tea, and napping, and, yes, moaning and groaning. And weariness. Deep, down, dirty weary. So weary, in fact, that Saturday evening, as I headed to the chicken coop to lock up the flock safely in their henhouse (Glenn and Huxley were on their way home from a birthday party which I missed, sniff), I thought to myself “What if I just sat down here, on the forest floor, and rested a bit?” Then I thought about the coyotes that yip away all night lately in said forest, and the wet ground owing to that day’s rain, and the fact that Glenn would panic if he were to arrive home and not find me in it, and decided against it.

I *think*, though, that we’re turning the corner, so, let’s focus on that. But, really, that’s not what I wanted to tell you about. What I actually want to share with you here today has nothing to do with sinuses or coughing fits, and much more with the bliss pictured in the photos above. I’ve been itching to share this morsel of news with you for months, but have been sworn to secrecy, until now. And here it is-this coming September, I am pleased beyond description to be part of what will undoubtedly be a beautiful, inspiring, enriching, and plain old fun experience.

Dynamic duo Amanda Soule and Elizabeth Duvivier have hitched their wagons together to create Taproot Gathering. Held on the grounds of Rockywold Deephaven Camp this September 11-15, the gathering promises to be amazing, and I am immeasurably thrilled to be part of it. I’ll be teaching two classes, “Sweet & Sour”, a water-bath canning covering both sweet and savory preserves, and “Home Dairy”, a dairy-making basics class, including hand’s on instruction for making yogurt, mozzarella, and butter. Oh, yeah. We’re gonna have fun.

Elizabeth has secured a cabin for me and my men (we typically travel as a tribe), so I’ll be able to explore the glories of New England in autumn with my family nearby, and coterie of new friends at the ready. I’m so pumped! Amanda and I even have a little something-something special planned for the event’s gatherings, to be disclosed at a later date…..

It was actually through Amanda’s posts that I first learned of Squam. When I had the chance to connect with Elizabeth over the phone last year, it was an instant sisterhood. Closing the loop of that circle by being both a student and a teacher at Taproot Gathering warms me to my core

I would so love it if some of you, dear small measure community, might be able to attend the gathering with me. Imagine learning new skills, savoring delicious, organic, locally-sourced food, soaking up some Vitamin D, exploring the lake and its forests, chatting, laughing, dancing (yes!), and more together at this place seemingly conjured from the reaches of my dream landscape. Come!!!

9 Responses to Taproot Gathering

  • amanda (sweetpotatoclaire) says:

    oh my. saw murmurs of this around here and there lately and was thinking…… ‘could I swing it?’ If the tuition were more doable for me I think I’d be willing (and find a way to be able) to make the long trek up. looks amazing!

  • Sage says:

    This sounds wonderful! Maybe I can get my hubby and little guy to come along.

  • jen says:

    this sounds divine, and the setting idyllic! if i were not giving birth in mid-late June, i could probably swing it. :) is this something that occurs every year? i’d love to attend at some point!

    hope you’re feeling better!!

  • Melanie J. says:

    So sorry you’re under the weather, babe! I don’t realize how addicted I am to your musings until you don’t show up “as scheduled”…sending healing energy laced with elderberries!
    The Taproot gathering looks so lovely. If I weren’t already pushing us toward the Mother Earth News Fair in PA this year, I’d definitely give it some thought. You and Amanda are my dynamic duo!

  • Molly says:

    Oh, I want to go to this. I saw it on Amanda’s site and have been dreaming of it since (literally and figuratively). It sounds like a great time in a beautiful place. We’ll see . . . .

  • Jo says:

    Wonderful news, how I would love to be there, get my craft and homesteading in a beautiful setting with lovely people! How am I going to get from Perth Australia to Squam? Time to start planning…..

  • Karie says:

    More worlds colliding! Rob + I have to go to this – he grew up going to Rockywold DeepHaven every summer as a kid. He ended working there as a teenager- as the ice boy! We went there a couple years ago and it was SO DREAMY! You’ll have to ask him for suggestions. Thanks for sharing. xo

  • Jennifer Miller says:

    I saw this announcement on SouleMama. And saw that you were teaching classes. I would love to go, I’m just not sure I can swing two vacations in two months. It would be awesome if the Taproot Gathering could be moved around the country each year. New England one year, Rocky Mountains one year, PacNorWest one year…