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Swimming In Cukes (+ Etsy!)

Our over-ambitious attitude in the garden this year seems to be paying off. We put in something like 20 cucumber plants and they are some kind of paying it forward, by the bushel!

To that end, I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 days making my Dill Pickles, Quick Persian Pickles, and Sweet Pickle Relish. Recipes for the former and the latter can be found in my book, while the middle recipe was featured today on Etsy’s blog. Thanks for the love, Etsy!

That’s a lot of chopping and jarring, and we’re only just getting started! I love it, though. Standing in the hot kitchen, with things simmering gently under lids, and colanders full of homegrown cukes, and herbs and spices all around-this is good, good stuff right here.

What about you? Are you in a pickle over anything lately? On a related note, our beloved friends Jen, Jon and their daughter Awynn visiting from Georgia showed up with a 25-pound box of their state’s finest-peaches!!! I’ll be moving from vinegar to sugar, it appears!

11 Responses to Swimming In Cukes (+ Etsy!)

  • nancy says:

    I just started canning last year, and started with pickles (rave reviews!), applesuace and applebutter. Just waiting for our delayed harvest…

  • nancy says:

    And thanks for the “quick” pickle recipe, I'll try that!

  • Erin says:

    Mmm, pickles! Cucumbers aren't quite ready yet in our part of the world (we're just entering the cherry phase), but soon!

  • Liene says:

    I use my grandmother's recipe for dill pickles, but I'm buying the cucumbers from the market. My favorite supplier has cartons of very tiny ones that no one else wants, and they fit perfectly in my mason jars…

  • Cary says:

    One word: yummy!!!

    I picked up your canning & preserving book at Whole Foods in Greensboro last weekend. My sister and I cannot wait to dive in!!!

  • KC Pagano says:

    I'm set to make a batch of your persian pickles tomorrow! Oh my goodness last year they went in one sitting when I served them at a lunch BBQ

  • cindykitchel says:

    I'm so jealous. I didn't put in any cucumbers this year, so it looks like I have a trip to the farmer's market this weekend. Can't wait to try your quick pickles. I'm also learning more about lacto-fermenting and am hoping to try fermenting them this year. We've been in jam-canning mode here while the blueberries, raspberries, and now blackberries are coming through.

  • Fonda says:

    I love love fresh pickles. My family loves them too. Thanks for the new recipe. The persian spices sound scrumptious! I just noticed that you're in candler. I'm in Flat rock so it's nice to see someone close by!

  • FeeBeeDee says:

    Wow. There's so much to check out here. I long for the homemade life. I've managed to grow and pie rhubarb, tend a compost pile, start a forest of sun chokes and start a rose and perennial garden. I try to remember to appreciate myself for the things I have done rather than the things I haven't done yet, but it can be hard. I'd love to have chickens (fresh eggs), and bake bread among a plethora of others. Thanks for sharing your abundant momentum. Phoebe

  • Ha! I did the same thing so I'm hoping {fingers crossed} I too will be “swimming in cukes”! I do have your book (love the whole series) and am using it during my canning this year. I'm hoping I have enough produce to can since I've had a lot of competition for the goods (woodchucks, rabbits, etc.). I love your garden fence and am going to have to do something similar next year now that the critters have discovered the plethora of food.

  • Bonnie says:

    wow! a 25 lb. box of peaches, I am super jealous! By the way, I recently bought your book on canning and I love it! I want to learn this summer and I plan on using your recipes!