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  • These are the days we wait for all year thehellip
  • I like to imagine that in addition to we fourhellip
  • I am very easily satisfied A blazing fire in thehellip
  • That feeling when the folks youre a fan of becomehellip
  • Letting the light in Both kids have head colds Hearinghellip
  • Carpe diem Seize the day When I first watched Deadhellip
  • We introduced solid food to Alistair today June 30th washellip
  • I generally dont like to traffic in absolutes but Ihellip
  • Rough day yesterday Alistair has had a vicious head coldhellip
  • Babys first snow Underneath this bear suit are red andhellip
  • My homesteading gateway Getting a flock of backyard chickens washellip
  • In the past week and a half I have bakedhellip
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Recent Acquisitions

Very excited with some new reading material that arrived in today’s mail!

16 Responses to Recent Acquisitions

  • Maria says:

    Awesome! I can't wait to see them!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Cool! I admire people who are connected to their food. If you know of any good books on fishing let us know! I need to start small and work up my courage for bigger things :)

    Deborah G

  • Elaine says:

    Ha! Very cool! I've been thinking about this myself. I could literally sit on my deck and just wait for them to show up. At first I joked about it, but then it just made to much sense!!!

  • Dixie J says:

    I've been thinking about getting the Girl Hunter. We have 120 acres of woods and fields with tons of deer. Venison sausage and jerky are the best! The tenderloins are awesome too. Our public school system actually gives the kids November 15th off for opening day of deer season.

  • Cat K says:


  • Mindy says:

    Venison provides the bulk of our meat. I don't hunt, but my husband and daughter do, and my husband processes the deer himself. The processing really makes a different in the flavor. Good luck!

  • Indio says:

    When I see deer droppings in my yard, it makes me want to hunt but my neighbors sure wouldn't like it. They are so tame around here that I've actually seen people hand feed the deer from their car window.

  • Julia says:

    Reading Girl Hunter right now and it is great! Enjoy

  • Haven't read or heard of “Girl Hunter” (maybe because I'm a guy) but I have read Jackson Lander's “Beginner's Guide to Hunting Deer for Food”. I also took his weekend class this past October to learn how to hunt and butcher deer. It is a great book and the class was excellent. Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck getting a deer this year, but I am ready for next year when it comes.

  • Melanie J. says:

    Great article in Verve!

  • bad ass book for a bad ass girl.

  • Jessica says:

    A friend of ours who went hunting this year is about to gift us with some deer, but I've no idea how to cook it. (I don't really buy meat, but we fish and sometimes trade for the odd moose steak.) Where can I find some good venison recipes?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • jessica-check out hank shaw's blog:

  • Haha. I love this. My friend from Atlanta just showed up with Girl Hunter. We kicked back and drank wine as she read to me from this book. I just love it. My 7 year old wants to hunt squirrel. But I told him, “Wait til I get through this book and know how to skin and cook them first!”

  • gail says:

    Be careful about deer ticks. I live in Maine, and one of our friends brought a deer he'd hunted home to hang in his garage. He took the precaution of putting a large plastic contractor's bag around the deer. After 24 hours, he noticed about 6 deer ticks in the bag. But, by 48 hours, he estimated there were 100 ticks in the bag. He ended up buying a disposable contamination suit from the local hardware store to wear while he dressed the deer, and immediately wrapped anything not wanted into the bag and took it to the dump. He says in the future, he won't bring a deer home to his property, but will instead hang it in the forest, but up high enough to be out of the range of coyotes.

  • ah i got sent Girl Hunter! Can't wait to dig into it :)