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Rain chick?

So, about that recipe from Apartment Gardening I was going to post today? Can we take a raincheck/rainchick (explanation forthcoming…) ’til tomorrow? I wanted to take a photo to post with it, but it’s been rainy and grey and generally not good for taking photos all day. Tomorrow, though, holds promise!

And although today was a wet one, it was an awesome one. Local folks, get to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, stat. Friends from afar, get to their website. Dan and Jael have one-upped themselves (again!!), this time with all-natural treats for Easter, including peanut butter eggs and creamy-filled chocolate chicks. Here’s their description of the new delicacies: “Organic peanut butter and Hawaiian milk chocolate, and light grey sea salt, covered in an organic dark chocolate eggshell. And then come the chicks. These absurdly cute little birdies are filled with four decadent creamy centers: peanut butter milk chocolate, coconut cream, strawberry lemon, and vanilla bean caramel.”

We sampled the peanut butter eggs and coconut cream chick today. This is the stuff of legends, folks. This is the type of treat you will pine for when it is no longer around. This is the work of masters. Don’t delay. Get you some.

See you with that recipe, tomorrow.

5 Responses to Rain chick?

  • Sarah says:

    Is that the new-ish place on Lexington? I've passed by it a few times and, though sorely tempted, have been able to go about my business. This sound like a very good excuse to finally stop in.

  • Alison says:

    Yes! We had their chicks on Saturday and they were fantastic. These guys can do no wrong. Sarah: wait no more. You will find no better chocolate anywhere in the Southeast. Plus, the owners are some of the nicest people in the world.

  • jenny miller says:

    I saw their chicks on their Facebook page and am hauling by butt down there tomorrow!

  • nicole says:

    i had one of the salted caramel filled chicks a few days ago and thought i had died and gone to so-perfect-words-simply-can't-describe caramel heaven. there was no sharing going on, let me tell you. they have the BEST caramel i have ever tasted.

  • ashley, you are a peach! thanks for your compliments; it means a lot coming from such a fantastic lady as yourself.

    and thanks to the rest of you for the kind words! (sarah, yes, we're on lexington, and newish at 3 years :)

    xo jael