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Put A Lid On It

Alright, friends. Let’s do it. Let’s put lids on things, together!

I’ll be hosting the first ever canning class, chez English, on August 13th. In recognition of national Can It Forward Day (cosponsored by the fine folks at Canning Across America and Jarden), we’ll fire up the water bath, talk about botulism (and how to avoid getting it), get sweaty, and make some a fine batch of preserves.

The class will run from 11-2. We’ll break for lunch while our jars cool, drink lemonade, eat a homemade meal, and chat about all things canned, or whatever you’d like to discuss, dissect, divulge, etc.

The class cost is $30, which includes instruction, printed materials, and a jar of preserves for you to take home, as well as lunch. Because my kitchen isn’t stadium-sized, I’ll have to cap the number of attendees at 10.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment with your contact information and I’ll be in touch. In your reply, please let me know if you’re a vegetarian or if a meat option works, as well as any other dietary sensitivities you might have.

Please be advised that we live in a home with both cats and dogs, so if you have allergies to pet dander, you might want to take that into consideration (although we keep brand name antihistamines on hand, because we do try to be good hosts ;^) ). Lastly, the jury is still out on whether I’ll be making us pickles or jam. If you’ve a preference, please indicate accordingly in your reply.

I hope to see some of you out here! Oh, and know that classes for home dairy-making, backyard chicken-keeping, and beginning bread-making are all in the works. As my home is not an air-conditioned one, though, I figured we’d wait to do those in September and October.

24 Responses to Put A Lid On It

  • heather says:

    I'd love to take part! My email is
    Thanks Ashley! -heather

  • Michele says:

    interested! and my sister is too. we'll eat anything, and we vote pickles. (smile)

    i'd rather not leave my email on here but you can catch me at my website,

    also, I've emailed you with some canning questions before so you may have my email already.


  • Kirsten says:

    I would love to be a part of this! I've been wanting to learn how to properly can because the whole botulism thing freaks me out. I am a vegetarian and either pickles or jam is okay with me. My email is


  • jen says:

    this sounds like fun – count me in!

    I vote for jam…just because if we make pickles, I won't be eating the fruits of our labors! :)

  • Sarah says:

    I wish you weren't so far away! I saw NC listed but was sad to see you're still a 3 hour drive. This sounds like fun! We've just ordered our canning equipment & plan on doing it for the 1st time this year. Cheers to learning. I'll be with your students in spirit. I've now got to do some google searching to see if something like this is going on in my neck of the woods (central NC).

  • Mariah says:

    Hey Ashley,

    I would love to be in your class! My email is I will eat and can whatever the group decides!


  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Ashley! Will this class use the waterbath method, or venture into my unknown pressure canning technique? Thanks so much!

  • Hannah says:

    Ashley! I SO wish that you weren't so far away… if you ever want to host a class in the beautiful Champlain Islands of Vermont, my kitchen is open to you :)

  • Lauren J says:

    Definitely coming back from our vacay that day :( So sad, but I'm so game for when you feel inspired to throw another one!

  • Looking forward to the home dairy workshop! Enjoy the cooler weather coming our way for the next day or two! :)

  • Grace says:

    I'd love to take the class! You can reach me at I don't have any food restrictions. And regarding the jam or pickles, I guess I'd just like to do whichever one is more complicated and covers more details and possible questions I might have when canning on my own- if that makes sense! Thanks for offering this, Grace

  • says:

    I am out of town that Saturday but would love to attend if you do another one.

  • Jenn says:

    Oh…very interested! I'm in Charlotte and might be able to make it work if I can reorganize that weekend.

  • nicole says:

    I'm just chiming in to attest to your canning instruction skills. You graciously teach me how to can, and now I have a pantry filled with pickles, jams, fruit butters, and more. I hope you'll have many people sign up and such high demand that you'll have to add another class!

    trust me, folks, ashley is a wonderfully generous teacher; she'll answer all of your questions and guide you through the process in a way that will instill you with confidence.

  • melody says:

    can you send me info on it please? that's my birthday weekend and i think that would make a fabulous gift from my husband :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I would be interested. I would prefer to discuss jam, but either is cool. Thanks for putting this together!

  • ChiRed77 says:

    Hi Ashley! My mom wanted me to comment for her, so here it's is!

    Yes please, pickles for me!
    Meat or veggie OK with me.
    Camille C.

  • ChiRed77 says:

    I forgot her email address, see below!

  • bisforbread says:

    Sounds super! Wish I lived closer. We just canned a half bushel of cucumbers (and blogged about it here: Good luck with the class!


  • Colleen says:

    I would love to join you if there is still an opening.
    I will message you my email via Facebook.

  • ashley says:

    hi everyone! i've received 12 interested responses so far, so i'm going to go ahead and say the class is full. if all 12 of you can make it, i'm fine with squeezing us all into my kitchen!
    i'll be in touch with you all personally soon, with information regarding directions, what we'll be making, etc. the class will run from 11-2. i'll request deposits to hold and confirm your spot when i write you personally. thanks everyone! we're going to have a great time!

  • La Chili says:

    This sound great, too bad I'm so old.

  • Wendy says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Wendy says:

    I would love to attend one of your classes but I live too far away to drive to NC for a three hour class (even if there was space left). Do you ever give classes or workshops near Philly?