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Put A Lid On It

The mason jar, to which I am clearly eternally indebted, recently celebrated its 125th anniversary. Those of you in East Central Indiana might want to stop by the Minnetrista Center for their new exhibit, “Can It!”, an homage to all things tempered glass-screw band-and-lid related. According to the Center’s website: 

“This highly interactive original exhibit not only looks at the historical production of the Ball jar and its influence on Muncie and surrounding communities, it engages visitors in exploring their personal connections with Ball.”

And if that weren’t enough to tempt you to book the next flight to Indiana, consider that the first 125 exhibit visitors will receive the Anniversary Edition of the Ball Book Guide to Preserving. If you’re unable to make the exhibit, consider whipping up a batch of rhubarb jam or pickled asparagus instead as a gesture of gratitude to John Mason’s laudable invention. You could also just fill an empty jar with beer, wine, whiskey, or, for the kiddos, apple juice, and hoist it high in thanks! Do any of you can? I’d love to know what goodies you’re putting up in your kitchen.

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6 Responses to Put A Lid On It

  • Anonymous says:

    A mason jar filled with whiskey sounds enticing!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my mason jars, use them for all most anything.

  • nicole says:

    i wish the exhibit was closer. i’m sure it’s filled with many beautiful vintage wares.

    my pantry is filled with mason jars displaying everything from dry beans and rice to chocolate treats and cookies. they’re the perfect see-through storage solution.

    mmm … pickled asparagus …

  • Emily says:

    Mason jars have so much potential. I just love them. They hold all kinds of things at my house from preserves to buttons!

    Also, even seeing a mason jar brings back so many childhood memories. A couple of holes in the top always made them a perfect observatory for bugs and frogs. LOL

  • sk says:

    I do love the canning jars! I’ve recently discovered Weck jars, and am pretty smitten, although I haven’t tried to can anything yet. Truth be told, I could use some instruction in the canning department, and have always been a bit timid. I do enjoy making jam, though!

  • Anonymous says:

    We use mason and other recycled jars for varied and asunder drinks!(OJ,grape,tomotoe,lemonade or just plain old fresh mountain well water)mmmmmmmmm good!!! Come on now you can’t be country if you don’t drink cold water out of an old Duke’s mayo jar!!! MOM