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Otherwild (+Giveaway!!!)

Lunar CalendarLunar Calender

You know how sometimes you’re just doing your thing online, jumping from one site to the next, following a link suggested on a blog you like or checking on what folks you’re following on Instagram have liked and then, boom. Out of nowhere, you find a website or blog that really, really resonates with you. Maybe it’s the writing, or perhaps it’s the way the shop is curated that speaks to you. That’s just what happened to me with Otherwild.

In their own words: OTHERWILD GOODS & SERVICES is a hybrid retail store and graphic design studio in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to design in its many facets. As graphic designers, we are inspired by the multidisciplinary talent that surrounds us, and are interested in a synthesis which merges the fine and applied arts. OTHERWILD’s design vision is distinctly cross-disciplinary. As graphic designers, we incorporate our passion and respect for the handmade into our design work. Our studio is filled with beautifully designed objects of all incarnations, many of which are handmade and one-of-a-kind. Within our retail space we offer a curated selection of goods from jewelers, ceramicists, perfumers, artists, designers, herbalists, quilters, fabricators, musicians, witches, picklers, woodworkers, curators, photographers, dancers and publishers. This carefully curated selection expresses our aesthetic sensibility as designers. We are absolutely dedicated to showcasing goods made with care by individual artists + designers rather than products that are mass produced.

What specifically caught my eye was a gorgeously rendered lunar cycle calendar for 2013. I liked it so much I included it in a “What I’m Digging” round-up. Shortly after my mention, Rachel from Otherwild wrote me directly, thanking me for the love and offering a version of the 2014 once it was ready.

That time has come! Not only has Rachel generously offered to give me a complimentary calendar, she’s offering the same to one lucky small measure reader! The calendar was designed by Alma Reyes Evans for Holy Sponge. It’s 8.5″ x 11″ and shows what phase the moon is in every day of 2014. For those unfamiliar with lunar cycles and why one might want a calendar of them (aside from the sheer beauty factor), Rachel provided this information:

Anyone can use a lunar calendar to learn and pay attention to the cycles of life, death and rebirth. The new moon, or the dark moon, is symbolic of new soil- a time to plant seeds and intentions for the 28 day cycle ahead, and as the moon grows (waxes), the seeds grow and our intentions begin to manifest in some way. The full moon represents the fullness or completion of whatever was planted during the new moon- a time to celebrate or notice what has peaked. As the moon wanes and her light diminishes, the cycle comes to a close and we let go of the current cycle to prepare for the next. Our ancestors have used the moon as a guide in this way for thousands of years.

Cool, right? And beautiful, too. Win, win! To enter the giveaway, simply click on this link. It’ll take you to a space for signing up for Otherwild’s newsletter, which in turn enters you in the giveaway. Trust me, you want to be included in that newsletter! We’ll run the giveaway for one week, concluding next Wednesday, December 11th, midnight EST.

Even if you don’t win, do be sure to visit Otherwild. They’ve got an expert selection of items in a wide range of prices. Thanks, Rachel, and best of luck to you all!


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