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Off-the-Grid Homes

Hi friends! My “Small Measures with Ashley” post is up on Design Sponge. This week’s topic discusses off-the-grid homes, those sensational dwellings that provide shelter, comfort, and refuge without the use of public and municipal utilities. It’s something that Glenn and I aspire to, without question. The Simon Dale House in Wales, pictured above, is one of my all-time favorite off-grid homes.

This past week has been jam-packed with family interactions, visits, and festivities. My two sisters, ages 23 and 19, flew in from Florida on Wednesday. After lunch at the Early Girl Eatery, they went off for haircuts at Adorn, and then we all reconvenied for treats and thirst quenchers at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge (Glenn ordered a chocolate/vanilla/coffee milkshake that was, hands down, the best milkshake these lips have ever slurped). Thursday saw us up and out early, heading to Charlotte to visit my older brother and sister-in-law and their new son, born July 1st (we stopped at the West End Bakery en route for their stellar homemade egg biscuits!). James Waugh Adams IV, more commonly referred to as either “Little Man” or “Baby James” or “LJ” stole the show with his adorable chicken leg arms and froggie legs and general adorableness. After that we popped into IKEA to check out their crib selection and other baby accoutrements.

Friday Glenn and my sisters worked their arses off, moving furniture, re-organizing, and painting Nugget’s room (more images on that to come). It’s so exciting to see everything start to come together. We’ve got 3 1/2 months to go before the little dude’s debut but, as a lifelong advance planner, I like to know that progress is being made and preparations are being undertaken. Finally, yesterday, after taking my sisters to the airport, Glenn and I attended a fantastic (and FREE!) class for beginning parents at Nest Organics home and child store in downtown Asheville. Topics discussed included: cloth diapering options, slings/carriers, sleeping arrangements, BPA-free teething toys and pacifiers, glass bottles, and much, much more. Sarah Easterling, co-owner and the class’s instructor, is a veritable fount of information on all topics related to natural child rearing. She’s also just a generally cool lady and one I’m immensely pleased to have in my circle of au natural mommas. We picked up a beautiful, gently used Moses baby basket and rocker (similar in appearance to this one), as well as a newborn sling, at Nest. Nugget will be comfortable and living in chic digs once he’s on the scene, that’s for sure!

Today I’m off to sling some cupcakes at Short Street in just a bit. May your week’s end be all you want it to be!

*Image from here.

4 Responses to Off-the-Grid Homes

  • Nice!

  • Alicia says:

    Hi Ashley!

    Congrats on the pregnancy. I have been lurking, so I was well aware of the time you announced it.

    Anyway, I wanted to also comment on this post. I absolutely love the home pictured in this entry. A friend of mine in central VT is in the early stages of building one. A cob cottage and the above home are on the top of my list of possibilities :)!

  • sk says:

    No way! I spent all of last week up in WNC from Florida as well! I only spent 1 day in Asheville, but that was Wednesday, and I went in the Early Girl! Too bad I didn't run into you, that would have been wild.
    What good sisters you have! Glad they were a big help.

  • Mindy says:

    I love that little Simon Dale house, so sweet! My dad always wanted to build into the side of a hill, but there aren't any hills where we live.