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No Place Like It

I’m a daydreamer, suffering occasionally from “grass is always greener” syndrome. I’m hit the hardest with entertaining ideas of living elsewhere. The highlands of Scotland. The south of France. The redwood forests of northern California. Most recently, the coastal regions of the Pacific northwest. 

And then I’m greeted with mornings like this one. I’m growing increasingly convinced that there is no better morning here on Sunray Cove than a fog-drenched morning. The forests are cloaked so mysteriously, the mist moving so fast across my face as I walk to the chicken coop. This beautiful plot of Earth becomes the most enticing place I know then. There really is no place like home. 

9 Responses to No Place Like It

  • EcoGrrl says:

    it looks like heaven. love this piece about home. i feel the same way – sitting here in a vegas hotel not comprehending how people live this life. btw look outside, your firepit and benches have been kidnapped and are on their way to my house :) love your sanctuary photos!!

  • Jen Chandler says:

    Wonderful photographs. It has been far too long since I was able to ramble outside in the mist. Enjoy it!


  • Renai says:

    It looks just like Alaska in August! Living in Seattle is lovely… but I miss the woods and dirt and sky so much.

  • Anonymous says:

    you know, we had the grass is greener feeling and moved to Humbolt Co. 3 months later we returned convinced we had already found the best place to live (Asheville!). We came back in tons on debt (b/c everything is SO expensive, just check out the prices on the land out there and you will run away!)but we were so happy to be back in the south. For us, the grass is much greener here.

  • we all feel that way sometimes. your home is beautiful though and you have a firepit! what more could you want? 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    How beautiful! Foggy mornings are my favorite.

  • MaddyG says:

    It's beautiful there. But, I suspect that you might be able to see the beauty anywhere you land and settle. Loving your blog! ; )

  • ms. oaktree says:

    fairy tale life!

  • Julia says:

    Daydreaming is wonderful and delicious, but even better is knowing that reality is where you really want to be. We don't notice that all the time, so it's nice when it shows itself so clearly. Contented sigh.