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Live! And In Person!

Local folks, let’s meet!

I’ll be chatting about all things “Homemade Living” and beyond at 3:00 p.m. this Saturday, May 21st, at Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville. I’m friendly! I like to chat! I enjoy meeting new people! Do it!!!!!!

Come on out, enjoy the bookstore and cafe, and Waynesville’s lovely downtown, and say howdy. Hubs & Huxley will be in tow, as well!

*That’s me in Mallaig, Scotland, in August ’06. I’m pointing the way for you to go west and come to Blue Ridge Books!

6 Responses to Live! And In Person!

  • Sarah says:

    I'd come, but I'll be in the woods. Bummer. You'll have to come back! Blueridge Books is wonderful.

  • Ah! I so wish I was still living in Balsam AND I was just there last weekend… Bummer. I will send my sister and her friends your way, she lives in Clyde. Have a good time! Come chat in Knoxville and I will definitely be there… any word on the Canning class this summer?

  • Michele says:

    I so so so want to go!!!!!! I'm already going to be in East Tennessee with family! Shoot.
    I'm so very close to there, what a shame. But if you do anything in Asheville, I'm there.


  • Mimi says:

    I'm new to your blog and homesteading…I so would love to come but they are doing the tour d'coop in raleigh (chicken coop tour)…and I've been waiting all year for it…I'm even skipping my grandmother funeral to go (that sounds really bad…but oh well)…hope more nc homesteading folks will have meet ups because those west coast folks seem to have a great network and that would be great to have here

  • Annie_nz says:

    I am also new to your blog and especially your books (great! Iâm so happy I found them) – But I am in New Zealand , so unfortunately it is a little to far away… Thanks for all your input and ideas into cheese, canning and chickens! Annie_nz

  • Nikki says:

    Enjoyed your chat at Blue Ridge Books, knew it was good when my husband sat through the whole thing.