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Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

We’re headed out to Florida tomorrow. My Pop and his wife are in Tampa (more specifically, Valrico), while Hubs’ folks are in Sarasota (more specifically, Siesta Key). I can’t wait to have uncles and aunties and grandparents available to hold Huxley, listen to him giggle, and dip my feet (and his!) into the ocean.

Before I go, I thought I’d solicit travel advice from all you parents out there. Any tips you’d recommend for making travel with an almost 5 month-old (on Monday!!!) as seamless as possible? I’d love to hear them! Thank you in advance!

20 Responses to Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

  • Krista says:

    Good luck! My best bit of advice is to NURSE NURSE NURSE! My lil one took her first plane right with no fuss at all! Just make sure they are nursing right during the take off. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    My Mom traveled with me a lot when I was a baby and she swears by nursing. Nurse during take-off and landing…it will help his ears pop since he can't do it himself yet! Good luck!

  • Charlie and I travelled several times during his first year, and I agree completely with the previous posters that nursing makes things SO easy. The noise and vibration of the airplane also helped to put him right to sleep. Good luck & have a great time!

  • Helena says:

    I'll give you a virtual wave hello–I'm in Valrico myself. :) And Siesta Key should be really pretty right now. Have a wonderful time!

  • Nurse at both take-off and landing or any change of elevation that affects your ears. He will be fine. Our oldest flew for the first time at 6 weeks old. Hasn't stopped. Times change as I was 15 before my first commercial flight.

  • Stephanie says:

    I have to agree with what everyone else has said – nurse, nurse, nurse. I am a mother of 8, all of whom were breastfed (including twins) and anytime I traveled by plane with them I would get settled in my seat and as we began taxiing to the runway I would pop out the boob. Also, I preferred the window seat – I was able to give my arm a little bit of support on the side of the plane. Happy Flying with your cutie:)

  • mamalooma says:

    Nursing! (As everyone else has said.) My husband works for an airline so we fly for free. We've been on many, many flights with our two wee ones! (Our first child was on 29 flights by the age of 2!)

    The flight attendants are always so helpful, and there is often a grandmotherly figure seated around somewhere that offers steady reassuarance. It is easier when they are younger, so nurse, snuggle and enjoy your trip! : )

  • Jill Benbow says:

    Like everyone before me, I also have to strongly recommend nursing during take-off and landing. This is a great excuse to get the window seat so you have a little more room and privacy. Also- I found that it really helps to have a couple diapers, changing pad, and wipes in a small bag that you can put in that little magazine flap thing below the tray table so it is easy to get to the bathroom and change diapers mid-flight. Have fun!

  • Anonymous says:

    Always bring a small back-up bottle just in case your baby doesn't want to nurse during take-off or landing. You can get little formula bottles in 2 ounce size that don't need to be refrigerated and they saved my butt on several flights when my baby just lost it for some reason and didn't want the boob. I'm all for exclusively breastfeeding, but a mere two ounces of formula here and there isn't going to harm your kid in any way and those little bottles are dang convenient to tuck into the seat front pocket. Bring extra diapers and bring a Baby Bjorn (or other carrier) so you can stand in the back and bounce the little guy to sleep if necessary. Also, have one parent get on the plane first to stow all the carry-ons, organize all your crap, and wipe down your seat area with antiseptic wipes. The other parent gets on with the baby during last call so you minimize the time you're stuck waiting for take-off. Strollers and carseats can be checked for free. If you use a stroller bag you can load it up with extra stuff like diapers and it's like getting a free checked bag.

  • thefrenchhen says:

    My advice is also to nurse and to hold the little one in a carrier (I used a sling when mine was little and now use a wrap sort of thing). It makes it easier to hold them as you don't have their weight directly on your legs. Good luck!

  • Gisela says:

    Bring some extra clothing for your baby, and maybe a trash/Ziploc bag to store any wet/messy items. A new toy/book for the ride always helps. Take an extra blanket, sometimes it get's chilly in the plane/airport. Nursing, Pacifier or a bottle with water might help for take off and landing. Take an empty bottle with lid for yourself. The stewardess can fill it up with whatever you like and it won't spill on you, while you hold Huxley.
    It's just a few hours to FL, it'll be over before you know it. Good luck!

  • M says:

    Moby Moby Moby.

    Or the sling of your choice. They'll probably make you take it off through security, but it beats a stroller any day of the week.

    Oh and chocolate. But that's for you, not the babalah. Have fun!

  • Alison says:

    No advice, just well wishes for your trip. Enjoy sunny Florida!

  • Have fun and if he cries, handle it with grace :). Griffin went “code red” in the middle of a flight because he was overtired. People gave me the evil eye. It was hard.

    On the return flight, everyone commented on what an angel baby I had… so go figure.


  • Darla says:

    I traveled with my little lady at 3 months and didnt realize that there was an early boarding for families with little children which was super duper helpful. We also gate checked our carseat/stroller combo thing. And as everyone else has said, nursing during takeoff/landing made for a happy baby. Good luck!

  • No tips on traveling with one so small, especially by plane. I just wanted to say enjoy the area. My mom and I have taken my daughter to a little place on Longboat Key the past 2 years, and I LOVE it. There's a great little shop on Cortez – The Sea Hag – that I recommend you go to if you get a chance. I'm reading Keeping Chickens and your canning book and love them.

  • Sarah says:

    i just flew with my daughter lydia to PA to visit family. i gave her a pacifier or nursed her every time she fussed. it worked like a charm. luckily you shouldn't a very long flight(s) which makes it easier.
    bring things to keep his attention and in Lydia's case i needed lots of bibs and diapers. always have a couple extra :)
    my scarf doubled as a nursing cover which was nice. have a great time. i was totally stressed about flying but if the hubs is with you everything will be great. mine couldn't come :(

  • My77 says:

    At check-in, ask if there are any empty seats on the flight that you may sit next too. My son was 2 months old when I flew with him and he enjoyed the naps he had on the empty seat between my mother and I! He was even small enough that I changed him there as well. Babies sleep extremely well in flight so don't worry too much :)

  • Em says:

    I second Nurse'em and Wear'em! Wearing is helpful too as it will cut down on how stimulated (and over stimulated) he gets. I can't quite imagine how busy an airport must feel to the eyes, nose, ears and mind of a baby!
    Have a lovely time! Everything about your blog suggests to me you will handle this with a loving and peaceful attitude! :-)

  • Amen to nursing during take off and landing! It will really help his little ears adjust to the pressure. Dressing him in layers will really help as well. The air was out on our very first flight and we ended up stripping our son down to his onesie because it was so hot! I would also take a blanket to snuggle him in and a “play” blanket that you could spread out on the floor in a quite terminal. It will help give your arms a break and give him a chance to stretch out and kick. Have a great time!