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Home Schooled?

So, I’m thinking of teaching some classes, chez English, this August and September. I thought I’d put a feeler out first to see if any of you local yokels would be interested in such a thing.

The topics of the classes would parallel my books. That translates to canning, chickens, and dairy-making classes (I’m thinking of a basic beekeeping class out here early next spring). I might also pair up with a friend and host a beginning bread-making class. The cost of the class would include lunch.

If you’re interested, post a comment telling me which class you’d most like to take. If I get enough positive feedback, I’ll go ahead and line them up!

48 Responses to Home Schooled?

  • If only I could tellaport… I think a bee keeping class would be new and exciting. That's the one I'd be most interested in.

  • Rebecca says:

    If only I lived closer! It would be quite a drive from La Grange (near Goldsboro).

  • Sharonnz says:

    Would love to, too. New Zealand is also a little far away though;-)

  • EcoGrrl says:

    Hey Ash, you could make a bounty $$ doing video instructional classes – huge following all over the country – I'd love an intro-to-cheesemaking! Not as fun as getting dirty, but a class taught by the author? Priceless!

  • melody says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • like i already needed another reason to want to move to nc!!! oh…we are SO there in spirit! 😉 love your books and blog ashley!!!

  • Cat K. says:

    This sounds fantastic! I would certainly be up for dairy (cheese!) or chickens… Let me know how it goes!

  • Stef says:

    I would love a class on any of your book topics! I've already been successful in canning, but a class on it wouldn't hurt and sounds fun. A class on keeping chickens would be awesome since I hope to have some sometime in the near future. A class on dairy would also be great, as would a bread-making class, and a bee-keeping class, but the canning & chickens are my top two :)

  • Morgan says:

    Seriously? My sister and I are planning a trip to your area in August. I want to come! Any class!

  • Shirley says:

    Hey Ashley, I'd love to be closer for the beekeeping classes! If you would like to get it out to the homeschool community, go to, and you can contact the rep for your district. If there's a local homeschool co-op, I'm sure they'd be thrilled to have you teach a class there as well. :)

  • Dee says:

    How about doing some podcasts or webinars? I'm not local but I'd love to give you some of my discretionary funds : )


  • Rebecca says:

    I've just moved to Roanoke and am trying to take the whole urban farming thing up a bunch of notches. We are getting chickens in July and I'll be getting back to my preliminary efforts in yogurt and cheese-making soon. And then in the fall can some of the produce I hope to harvest from our new garden. Which is my long way of saying that although I'm not exactly in the neighborhood, I'd be very interested in chickens, dairy, and canning and would find a hotel or something to make it happen.

  • jen says:

    we'll be local by then- i would love chickens, dairy, bees! :)

  • City Girl says:

    I'm new to your blog. Where are you located geographically?

  • jenny miller says:

    @CityGirl, Ashley is near Asheville, NC. @Ashley, would love to finally meet ya! I would be intereseted in any of your classes, except chickens (we have 40, so I think I've got it down pretty much. heehee). Keep us posted. Blessings, mama.

  • Meg says:

    I also wish I lived closer. I would LOVE to take a bread making class.

  • Melanie J. says:

    But…i'm not moving to NC til October :( Sounds lovely, Ashley!

  • Pat & Lisa says:

    We live in Morganton and would be interested in either a chicken class or a dairy class.

  • Pat & Lisa says:

    We live in Morganton and would be interested in either a chicken class or a dairy class.

  • Pat & Lisa says:

    We live in Morganton and would be interested in either a chicken class or a dairy class.

  • Ellen says:

    Wished we lived closer! :)

  • Leanne says:

    I wish I lived closer! I totally would sign up!!!!

  • Aimee says:

    Sounds fun! I'm glad Barnardsville's not too far from Candler! :) I'd definitely be interested in bee keeping and dairy-making.

  • Oh how I wish I lived closer. :( The beekeeping class would be amazing….bread making too…I can't seem to bake a great loaf of bread :(

  • Indio says:

    Even though I've got the chickens and bees, I know I would learn a new tip or trick that I'm doing. I wish I was closer. If you decide to take the soon to be wildly successful classes on the road, let me know.

  • Grace says:

    I'm local and I'd love a dairy or canning class! Ooh yeah- especially dairy. Breadmaking sounds good too. Chickens and bees aren't things I can do right now in my apartment, so aren't priorities- but hopefully in the future.

  • Camille says:

    I so wish I lived in Ashville! Or, at least, that Nashville weren't so terribly far away, because I would so come to your classes!

  • steph says:

    I'm near Nashville, but would totally make a trip for a class on canning or dairy! (Besides, lovelovelove Pisgah Forest.)

  • Hey Ash-
    I am a hands on learner and would love some teaching in canning. I love all the other topics but need to start with the basics of homemaking!! Let me know and I will sign up.

  • Oh, bread making class too…

  • Mindy Anders says:

    If only I lived near you, I would take 1. Canning 2. Chickens 3. Bread-making, in that order.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would love to attend dairy and chicken 101!

  • heather says:

    I'm local and would love love to take anyone of your book related classes. The cheese class I was signed up for at abtech was cancelled this spring so thatd be exciting! Anything! Keep us posted!

  • Jenn says:

    Hi there. I am new to your blog and am so glad to have discovered it! I am local-ish in Charlotte and would certainly be willing to drive to lovely WNC for a workshop!

  • elisa rathje says:

    joining in the chorus of 'if only's'

    sounds like a great thing to do. my (homeschooling!) children would love that too! xx

  • Amanda H says:

    Hi Ashley. A beekeeping class would nice. I'd love to attend!

  • I would definitely take the canning class. I loved your chicken class at the Enka campus and would travel for more!

  • Destiny says:

    I would be up for canning and/or bread making! Keep us posted, sounds fun!

  • andrea devon says:

    this makes me (and surely lots of other little homesteady gals) want to move the Chandler!

  • Heather says:

    I would LOVE to take a bee keeping class!! I also live in candler.

  • Shelley says:


    I'd be up for classes in canning and home dairy first. Then beekeeping. I'm in Asheville so any of it would be fun!


  • Eileen says:

    I'm not exactly local~I live in Waxhaw, NC–but I would love to take a drive up for a class on chickens.

  • Em says:

    I would LOVE to go to a canning or raising chickens class

  • amanda says:

    dairy dairy dairy CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE!

    I am in Black Mountain and would love to take a home dairy class~

    We started keeping hens in the fall and are picking up our bees Monday morning….. (a nuc of Russians already placed in our hive body by Ray Revis out in Marion) I no doubt have LOTS to learn in both of those departments as well (like, what in the heck do I do for my hen with roundworms? if I treat her with piperazine I can't eat her eggs for weeks but I don't know if the diatomaceous earth is cutting it???) so really, I'd be interested in most any class you offer.

    But especially and most certainly the dairy class!

  • TammyA says:

    I would be interested in keeping chickens and bees and bread making

  • Tiffanie says:

    How I wish! I would eagerly attend alongside my little one!!

  • joanna says:

    I'm in Asheville and would definitely be interested in a chicken and/or bread class… great idea!

  • momma rae says:

    ashley, i'm local and i would take the dairy making and/or the canning class. what a great idea!