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Home Away From Home

Oh, friends. The fun we three Englishes have had these past few days. I’m kind of overwhelmed when I think about everything in total. Boston, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, maple syrup sugaring, a lovely country Inn, a private pizza-making class at King Arthur Flour, chocolate excursions, snow. So. Much. Snow. And so much fun, especially once we turned our compass further north and set out for the Soule-stead on Monday.

Here’s a sampling of the goodness we found there:

*Five children for Huxley to play with, all day long.

*A proper Maine snowstorm, with somewhere between 10-14 inches. Yeehaw!

*Sleds! Skis! Snow boots! Snow plows! This family grabs winter by the horns.

*Mama Amanda’s Mac & Cheese, riddled with bacon and broccoli, a holy union if there ever was one.

*Salted chocolate cookies, warm from the oven.

*Children eager to help, whether it was to set the table, read to their siblings, or initiate dance parties.

*Evening cocktails (including one swoon worthy number with St. Germaine, Gin, and white wine).

*Mornings of granola, fruit, yogurt, hot coffee, and sausage.

*Belly-warming meals (chicken with rosemary & olives, rice, roasted beets, and kale/apple salad one night, and roast with honey gravy, roasted carrots and mashed potatoes the next, using their own home-raised meat).

*Giggles. So many giggles.

*Fireside chats.

*Watching the spinning wheel spin.

*Pigs and sheep and chickens, thriving in the winter wonderland.

*Scrabble matches.

*Abundant doodling and drawing and story-crafting.

*Music. Always music.

*Mama-to-Mama and Papa-to-Papa chats (so lovely my eyes well now recalling it all).

Those Soules, they’re a special lot. We always feel right at home when we’re there. For this Cancerian, who loves to bustle about her own place, it’s such magic to find kindred souls to the north, welcoming us with open arms and hearts full of gladness and joy.

16 Responses to Home Away From Home

  • Krystal says:

    This post is lovely. I have been reading your blog nearly as long as the soulemama blog, and it was a wonderful surprise to see you both together, doing what you do. I am glad to see two people- who help me stay connected to the things that matter to me- connect with each other. <3

  • Hollie says:

    What a wonderful trip!! That snow is gorgeous, I miss that living here in California. I love that two of my favorite bloggers are conncected!!

  • Dixie J says:

    Love those little red cheeks on the children. I miss that since my boys are grown and gone now. Sounds like you had a marvelous trip!

  • Melanie J. says:

    My two favorite bloggers in one place! Thank you for these pics, they’re so lovely and allow us to be there with you, just a little bit.

  • EcoGrrl says:

    Holy cow! So weird to see all the snow when I’m out here in jeans and a sweatshirt getting my garden ready!

  • Jessica Clark says:

    Well, that was weird. In the same day, I found out that you are friends with two of my favorite blogs. Cold Antler Farm and Soulemama. For a moment, I thought I’d clicked on the wrong tab, because I had all three of you up online. I love the connection of all of those wonderful worlds I get to visit (briefly) online. :-)

  • kendra says:

    i have to admit i was surprised to find my gramma had bought me an issue of country woman…. but very cool to see you on the cover, in the blog world, and here! love your pictures.

  • Georgette says:

    Inspiring trip! The macaroni cheese dish looks delish as do those fluffy chocolate chip cookies! The piglets and the sheep look brrrrrrrr cold. So much fun. Thank you for sharing.

  • felicia n says:

    Oh of course! Of course you hang out with Soulemama and Joy the Baker! Your trip looks amazing. If you’re enjoying St. Germaine cocktails, you might like the French 77, which has become our house cocktail. St Germaine, lemon juice and champagne. There is a recipe with ratios and all, but I like to mix to taste. I dare you to drink just one.

  • Apseed says:

    Each photo is so alive and beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • jessica says:

    What a wonderful homestead the Soule’s have! Loved the photos of mother and daughter carding and spinning their own wool. (a skill I hope to learn!) What breed of sheep do the Soule’s keep??

  • Jennifer Miller says:

    What a great time. I would love to visit the Soule homestead and just be with them on their day to day routines. Amanda has an aura about her that is most inviting. Looks like you all had a great time.