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Grounded Magazine (+ Giveaway!!!)

I don’t know what things are like in your house, but once Huxley came along, my presence totally took a back burner to his where the grandparents are concerned. When my mother and grandmother would telephone me in the past, the conversation was primarily about what I was up to, and what events were unfolding in their lives. In-person visits were handled similarly. Now, though, phone calls involve a bit of polite conversation that serves as a prelude to the inevitable “Can I talk to my boy now?”. And visits to the house? Well, I might as well be invisible. Don’t think this is a complaint, though. To the contrary. I’m a bit of a private person, and like to keep to myself, so having the spotlight redirected onto Huxley and his every action is just fine by me!

Once children are on the scene, most of the conversations, activities, and concerns are about them. Which is great, for the most part. They’re little. They’re cute. They’re kind of helpless. We should be focusing on them! Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have the emphasis be on parenting and parents. Enter Grounded. The creative collaboration of parents Mollie & Kendall Guillemette, Grounded is an online quarterly magazine for parents. In their own words:

Grounded is a creative collaboration between Kendall and Mollie. It is an online quarterly magazine for parents and each issue of Grounded will be a collection of pieces that inspire and encourage us, pieces that are interesting, helpful, and thoughtfully crafted. Our vision for Grounded is that a diverse community of people will come together to surround and give to parents so that they in turn can give well to their children. We want this to be a place where we can look at beautiful things, hear and share stories, and gather ideas. We hope you find encouragement as passionate, creative, loving people gather.

Finally! A place for us parents, to find encouragement, inspiration, and, perhaps occasionally, commiseration (parenting is HARD!). Mollie and Kendall have very generously offered to share Grounded with small measure readers, four times over! Woohoo! Here’s the sweet deal: the giveaway includes 1 full annual subscription and 3 winter 2013 issues. That means one winner will receive a year’s subscription, and three other winners (all randomly selected) will receive winter issues, the issue currently available.

Entering the giveaway couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is click on this link and enter your email address. Doing so signs you up for Grounded‘s newsletter (which is wonderful and something you totally want in your life), as well as enters you for the giveaway. The giveaway will conclude on Sunday, January 26th, and the winners will be announced on Monday, the 27th.

Whether you end up winning or not, do check out Grounded. Mollie & Kendall have created a lovingly curated resource for parents, and it shows in every article. Thanks so much for sharing all you do with small measure, guys!

11 Responses to Grounded Magazine (+ Giveaway!!!)

  • Hi Ashley! I was just coming over to let you know my swap article came out on the Grounded website and I’ve posted about the upcoming blogger swap over on my blog (and here you are, talking about the magazine)~ I can’t wait to get the ball rolling with this virtual swap!
    (*also- we’re boiling sap around here now, feel free to come hang out around the fire if you’re out in Black Mountain in the next couple weeks!)

    • I know! I’m so excited, too! I’m going to mention the Grounded article in Friday’s “What I’m Digging” round-up. Great job on the piece!

      As for sap boiling, that sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for the offer. I might just have to take you up on that!!!!

      • awesome, and thank you! I heard back from all three of the women you’d suggested getting in touch with (Marisa, Linda, and Kate) and they’re all in- I think it’ll be loads of fun.

        brrr- these cold days have put a stop on the sap flow for now, but we’ve boiled once already and hope to again in the coming days.

        • that’s great that my ladies came through for you! the swap is going to be a good time, indeed. yes, this cold is insane. when it gets back to normal, i’d love to come see you sap operation!

  • Grounded looks lovely! As a mama of a 3.5 year old & a 15 month old I could sure use some inspiration.

    Love your books btw Ashley. I only have the chicken one so far but I’m so in love with the presentation, layout and writing of it all. Very inspiring. I didn’t know you had the Handmade Gathering one until I came to this site (today is my first time visiting and I’ll be browsing for awhile with my morning coffee!). I will definitely have to pick it up next time I am in town. :)

  • Paula M says:

    I might have to get a subscription regardless. What a beautiful magazine!

  • Thank you for your kind and generous words. We’re excited to share Grounded with everyone here.