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For All The Mamas Of the World

Handmade Gatherings coverHandmade Gatherings 3Handmade Gatherings 4Handmade Gatherings 6
Okay, friends. Truth time. This parenting gig? It’s hard. Really, truly, sincerely hard. Infinitely rewarding, though, because caring for them forces you, in the process, to become a better person, your “higher self”, if you will. That said, keeping your cool while they’re loosing their minds, or whining in a way that would make Urkel stand up and applaud, or just handling bathroom issues or blood sugar crashes or dirty, muddy clothes can be taxing, for anyone, even those super moms in our midst.

Because of that, I have a newfound appreciation for both of my parents, especially my mother. My parents split up with I was 1 1/2 years-old, and divorced several years later. That left mom caring full-time for both me and my 3 year-old brother (we’re 21 months apart). Caring for Huxley is challenging enough with Glenn around, but raising two toddlers, by yourself? Well, I can only imagine the tired nights and weary days mom must’ve endured. The upside is that she loved us to pieces, and still does (she likes to hold my hand and give me hugs and kisses in public, despite my protests of “Mom! I’m 37!”; I’m fairly certain I’ll be doing the exact same thing to Huxley until my very last breath).

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday here in the states. I think Handmade Gatherings would make a fine gift to your hard-working mama, or grandmother, or wife, or sister, or baby mama, or any woman in your life with little ones, really. Shameless self promotion? Sure! But, also, as a hardworking mama myself, this is exactly the kind of gift I’d love to receive this holiday, had I not authored it.

Not only are the recipes tried-and-true, honed in my own kitchen, the entire spirit of the book is about collaboration. Busy mamas can still have epic gatherings and feasts, only in my book, they needn’t do it all themselves. Food, decor, crafts (if that’s your game-no big deal if not, just skip that component of the gathering)-it’s all pulled off together. Moms can have their get-togethers and not feel like they’re going to collapse from anxiety, fatigue, and an empty bank account once the guests depart.

To all the mamas of the world, I salute you. Mothering is hard work, and you deserve every good thing that comes your way!

8 Responses to For All The Mamas Of the World

  • shaunna b. says:

    happy mothers day Ashley! thanks for the giveaway!

    • hi shaunna! thanks for the mama love!!! this post actually isn’t a giveaway, though, just a shout out/recommendation for “handmade gatherings” as a mother’s day gift. i did a giveaway of the book a few weeks back. thanks for stopping by!

  • rae says:

    Right back atcha, beauty-filled mama! That was beautifully expressed. I always say parenting is the hardest work in the world but the most rewarding. As a single mama I always appreciate hearing stories of being raised by one. :) Your mama is quite lovely!

  • Shaunna B. says:

    Clearly I cannot read :-) How embarassing! I suppose that’s what I get for mixing mama time and computer time. Still looking forward to checking out your book. And the wishes for a happy mothers day still stand. Cheers!

  • Tara says:

    Agreed…motherhood is hard but I love it. I’m mom to 2 girls 12 months and 2 weeks apart (currently 3 & 2). They can wear me down quickly and my husband works out of town on a schedule of 2 weeks work / 2 weeks home so I only have help half the time. Happy mother’s day to all us mamas….every day is a new day and we get to try being our best mama selves again tomorrow – the socks can be sorted tomorrow! :)

  • Mary Ann Cauthen says:

    Your words are beautiful about mamas!! I am almost 70 years old, & the mother of 4 & Nana to 5. I treasure all the aspects of motherhood, & my advice to all of you younger moms is to savor & treasure each day. It goes by really quick. A good thought to have during the rough times is – “what will this matter in 10 years!!” Live in the moment & Love. Thanks for sharing your values!! Mary Ann

  • Mardi says:

    Yes! It would make a lovely mother’s day gift ! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy for myself too!

  • KC says:

    I added this to my wishlist a long time ago. Here’s hoping that someone has looked at it! Sounds like a fantastic book.