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Cradle of Love

The simplest things make me so happy these days. A mug of hot coffee. Baby giggles. A maple tree clad in golden leaves. And firewood. Well-seasoned, cut-to-length, tightly stacked firewood.

Hubs has tried out a variety of firewood cradles since purchasing the property back in 2004. While they’ve all worked, each had a number of design issues. Until now.

He built this hefty cradle in an ideal location near the house (creating a shorter schlepping distance, YES!), with strong lumber and metal support braces to keep it from toppling over. Ever the artist, he gave it a dark wood stain and an eye-catching green roof so that we can actually enjoy looking out the kitchen window all winter long at our wood pile. The concrete blocks underneath provide an additional level of fortification. The wooden dowel running the length of the cradle will be used to hold up a tarp, for keeping out the moisture that accompanies winter snowstorms and spring rains.

This project, like any learn-as-you-go one, wasn’t without it’s fair share of snafus. Halfway through, Hubs realized he hadn’t put down enough pressure-treated 4’x4’s to provide a flat bottom for stacking the wood (apparently, he told me that, upon this discovery, he laid down in the driveway for a minute and almost cried). Never one to walk away from a challenge, he re-jiggered and tweaked the design until it achieved his ideal, both structurally and aesthetically.

There was a time when new nightclubs, fancy cocktails imbibed at said nightclubs, and dancing the night away with my fancy cocktail at the nightclub were the things that got me excited. Now, it’s firewood, cradled with care in a lovingly built wood shed. I still dance, and sip, only now I do so in my flannel p.j.’s, surrounded by my fellas, enjoying the warmth offered by a glowing hearth and a content heart.

*If any of you locals need a great firewood supplier, let me know. I’ve got a guy….For those of you that have asked, here’s the information:
-Fred Nelson.
-He’s in Waynesville.
-$125 will get you a true, seasoned cord, delivered & stacked.
-828/456-4365 (H) or 828/400-3872 (C).
And, please, tell him I sent ya!!!

18 Responses to Cradle of Love

  • Very nice! Isn't it funny how what makes us happy changes so drastically! I remember getting up at 9pm to go out for the night, now I go to bed and 9pm to be 'out like a light' for the night :) LOL

  • Mariah says:

    I am so jealous! My firewood is scattered about the yard needing a cradle! Oh, and while I'm good for now, could you send me your guy's info. This stack ain't gonna last forever! Eat (at) tomatojamcafe (dot) com.

  • Gini says:

    Amazing. Amazing. I'm so glad you have such a beautiful, happy life!

  • Wow, that is snazzy! Well done!

  • Michele says:

    i miss my dad putting wood in the furnace. while we rode our bikes around it.

    he did a great, great job with that.

  • Indio says:

    I'm sure having a cozy, warm house will keep any one happy this winter. After a wickedly early snowstorm, I'm thinking about putting in a pellet stove. It just seems easier than wood.

  • Renai says:

    Ashley, this is wonderful! It reminds me perfectly of the woodpile at my family's (very) remote cabin growing up. My dad recently posted a photo on Facebook (hah!) of my 86 year old grandfather chopping wood with my two uncles standing by watching. He still won't give it up!

  • Bee Girl says:

    Fantastic! Someday I hope to have such a wonderful place to stack our wood! I also hope to actually have a wood stove someday 😉

  • Sherrie says:

    It's beautiful! I especially love the roof. The highlight of my husband's decade was getting a shed, just for wood. It's a big deal to have something that works! :)

  • Grace says:

    I needed an idea for this. Thank you. I especially love that roof!

    You're right about the how the things you value change so much. This post reminds me of an old country song by Sweethearts of the Rodeo, I think. The lyric is something like, “I'll be dreaming with my Darling's arms around me, and I don't care if I never see midnight again.”

  • elisa says:

    ashley, you make me laugh. i'm very much in love with my log pile too: yours is a mighty fine cradle, i'm envious! i made the mistake of teaching my sweetheart to chop kindling and now i never get to do it. such good work. x

  • Kaye says:

    Ashley: When you gete a minute, could you please send me the wood guy info? We live in Franklin, but he may travel! We used the same guy you did for a while, who lived in the Waynesville/Maggie Valley area. Great wood! We have a shed full of wood and it is too wet! Thanks much!

  • great cradle, here in the cradle of forestry!
    i would absolutely love to know who your wood guy is! i had a yard sale last year and this big, brawny, woodsy looking guy gave me his number for firewood, but i lost it. i'm in north avl. thanks!

  • That wood cradle is gorgeous! If it had walls, I could totally live in it. -Jaime

  • thanks for the info! i'm not going to get caught w/o wood for the stove like i did last year!

  • Great looking structure! And, $125 for a full cord is an amazing deal! Up here in the northeast, we pay $200 minimum for a cord.

  • Amanthus says:

    We live in Asheville and would love contact information for a good wood guy. One of the numbers you listed in post is no longer in service and the other number belongs to another now. Maybe you have a new wood guy or old wood guy changed his digits? Help a lady out if you can. Would be appreciated :)

    Love your blog, it’s inspiring to see your cozy homestead and everything you have going on. Kid is cute too! Is that too much buttering up? Hah!