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Chow Down and Put Up

BRRR!!! It was capital COLD here in the cove today, greeting me with a 25 degree slap in the face this morning as I went to feed the chickens. Which made me realize that, while my fingerless alpaca gloves are indeed chic, it might be time to seek out a pair that are as big on warmth retention as they are on style. Note to self…

As we move into the colder months, if you find yourself short on inspiration for how to continue to cook with the seasons, I invite you to check out this piece I did with Maggie Cramer. A reporter with the incredible Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (more commonly known around here by it’s acronym, ASAP), Maggie contacted me a few weeks ago about doing a piece for the Mountain Xpress on eating locally once tailgate markets close for the season.

In addition to the interview, I also included recipes for my Spiced Apple Butter (found in Canning & Preserving), Holiday Rounds (found in Keeping Bees, and capable of changing your life, forever, with their deliciousness, if I can say that), and my Chevre, Cranberry and Pecan Spread (found in Home Dairy). Per usual, the lovely Lynne Harty is credited with the beautiful images above. And, for those of you in Asheville, do stop by Lynne’s open house tomorrow evening for her new Working Girl Studios project with Eli Corbin. It promises to be a good time.

As for me, right now, I think I’ll move a bit closer to the wood stove, cuddle with my tiny guy (who is SO very full of words these days!), and sip something nice and warm. Big love to you all!

4 Responses to Chow Down and Put Up

  • jen says:

    I just read that feature last night when I picked up the new issue of Mountain Express. Can't wait to try the Holiday Rounds – I know what my coworkers are getting this year! :)
    Stay warm!

  • I just received a copy of Home Dairy and can't wait to read it cover to cover…
    …I admit I may have then bought (after seeing it in my hands) Keeping Chickens (just waiting for it to be delivered) and am *really* hoping someone gets me “Keeping Bees” for Christmas (or let's be honest…myself :)

    I love the books…and these are all things I have dreamed about for a long time…time to start the research and get to it!

    And that craisin/nut spread looks amazing!
    Sarah M

  • Apple butter always makes the coldness seem just a little less offensive. Soothes the soul at the very least.

  • P.S I sent a little birdie your way with super, duper warm gloves! I hope they help keep you toasty!