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Catching Up

Yesterday was all about catching up. Since the family visit, and then with Uno’s passing (Glenn is working like a predator ninja fortifying the aerial part of the run-photos forthcoming), I’ve been a bit behind the 8-ball. I’m getting back on track, though, with plenty of writing, editing, and copyediting to attend to, not to mention a host of baking projects. 

I spent the better part of yesterday in my sweet new L.L. Bean flannel jammies (thanks, Devan!), stirring, churning, boiling, and otherwise making a mess of the kitchen. Output included the above spiced pear bundt cake (the recipe for which can be found in this book and fluffy, ethereal marshmallows (totally worth the mess-look here for instructions). Still trying to figure out what I’ll render all the fruit brought by my father’s wife, Gail, into. She, along with my sister Theo, gathered up boatloads of citrus in Florida before their visit last week, festooning me with a medley of kumquats, meyer lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, and navel oranges. It’s impossible to have too much citrus. Fresh juice, marmalade, orangettes, and other pluckery delights will soon be ours! 
Cleo and Kali took my kitchen alchemy in stride, never veering too far from their strategic position adjacent to the wood stove. Stay warm, all. It’s wicked cold. 

11 Responses to Catching Up

  • nicole says:

    Gorgeous photos. That cake just officially sent my afternoon snack cravings into high gear.

    I've been pondering doing up some marmalade and /or sauces with all the great citrus around. Really wanting to something with blood oranges in particular this year. Yum. First I'll have to make a dent in my own canned pantry supplies, or there will just be too much. So many jams and butters to consume and so little time!

  • Danielle says:

    It all looks delicious!

    I've been wanting to make marshmallows … hmmmmmm :)

  • sk says:

    those photos are gorgeous! Especially the citrus. makes my mouth water! I've been enjoying the plethora of satsumas around here lately…

    i just got that book (Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It) and I can't wait to try out some of the recipes!

  • It all sounds lovely. I love the winter months and winter food. But, as it's hot here, it's all about the magoes – and I'm not preserving them, I'm devouring them as they come. Yum.

  • Victoria K. says:

    I Love The Pictures! Good photography!

  • tigress says:

    lucky you! you have a gift of all that citrus – and that is the first food in focus for the can jam. which i have a suspicious feeling it may have slipped your mind that you signed up to participate in – because you were one of the first way back when!

    am i right? 😉

    (well it's kicked off and the welcome post is up on tigress in a jam! – and you have all that citrus!)

  • Emily says:

    You'll need to post what you do with all that citris!
    How I envy Cleo and Kali by the wood stove. Stay warm!

  • petunia girl says:

    Meyer lemons, my absolute favorite in the middle of winter! See my post on preserving these little treasures.

  • Nell says:

    look at those marshmallows – so pretty!

  • Wendy says:

    Beautiful kitties :-) And, good luck with your canning. I will be venturing into the canning waters with this month's can jam challenge.

  • Kate says:

    I can't wait to try out that marshmallow recipe. My good friend dreams of marshmallows; making a batch for her sounds like a fun way to surprise her!