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Bees & Butter

Big news, folks! The third and fourth books in my Homemade Living series, “Keeping Bees” and “Home Dairy” are now available for pre-order! You can find them on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Both books will be available in print March 1, 2011, which is truly just around the corner.

I adore this series. Not just because I wrote in; in fact, not at all because I wrote it. Which is to say, the collaborative effort on the series has resulted in a collection of primers for the fledgling homesteader (and, keep in mind that “homesteader” also refers to “apartment-“, “condo-“, and tiny bungalow-” steader, not just those with thriving multi-acre parcels of land and log cabins) that hold your hand and guide you through the process of these food-crafting/food-keeping practices in a didactic, colorful, vibrant manner. I’d buy the whole series no matter the author.

So, spread the word! There’s homemade buttermilk, ice cream, yogurt, kefir, cheese, honey, and beeswax to make, have and hold come March!

And here’s wishing you a new year filled with happiness, health, and prosperity (however you define it)!

15 Responses to Bees & Butter

  • Allison says:

    I have the first two and I love them! I'm making homemade mozzarella right now, however, I'll have to check out the bees book. We're getting bees this spring:)


  • EcoGrrl says:

    i've been eagerly awaiting the dairy one! (it ain't easy bein' cheesy…) any way to get my hands on an autographed copy?

  • I love both cover designs and can not wait to get my own copies!


  • Heather says:

    If they are anywhere near as awesome as the first two, I'm sold- we can't keep bees though… hubs is severely allergic. :(
    Ditto on the autographed copy idea…

  • I cannot wait for the bees. and how I wish my boy weren't allergic to lactose.

  • Bonner says:

    Very exciting!!

  • Sharonnz says:

    I've put all four books on my 40th birthday wish list for this year;-)

  • Blaynexox says:

    I just finished Canning and Preserving a couple of minutes ago! It was fantastic! Up next will be Keeping Chickens. Can't wait for these two, especially the dairy one!!

  • Anonymous says:

    congratulations! The covers look very beautiful! Can't wait to add them to the collection! Thanks!
    ps- are you teaching any bee classes this spring?

  • I am excited to see the home dairy one.. been looking for something like this for a while!

  • A. Verzello says:

    I can't wait for these! You are covering all the topics I'm interested in. Thank you for promoting a simpler way of life- it's so needed right now!

  • Lcoppola says:

    Congrats on the new books! Can't wait to read them.

  • Aimee-Hmmm..not sure on how we'd do that as I don't have access to the books themselves. I'm thinking of one of two possibilities: You purchase a copy at your local bookstore, mail it to me, I sign it, and mail it back to you, or, you purchase it online, ship it to my home address, I sign it, and mail it back to you…Thanks for wanting my Jane Doe! You make a country gal all warm and fuzzy inside!!!

    Anonymous-No, no bee classes this year. I will be teaching a beginning chicken-keeping class next month at AB-Tech, though, and some canning classes there in the spring. The Western N.C. Beekeeping organization, which is a wonderful resource, will have some classes themselves, which I highly suggest. You can find more info. on their website:

  • andreadevon says:

    congratulations ashley- i am so excited to complete my homemade living collection, and learn more for this homesteady lifestyle. and i love that you included apartment- and bungalow dwellers on the homestead list. you are too cute. aloha from maui, andrea

  • Kim says:

    I want bees and a cow.