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Back To Life

A quick walk around a small bit of our property this evening evidenced an astounding display of re-emergent life. Ever resilient, the harshness of this past winter is no match to the latent fervor pulsing through the fibers of plants, trees, bushes, and beyond. For me, it’s proof positive that hope truly does spring eternal.

What’s popping up in your ‘hood?

*To see many, many more images from my saunter, go here.

7 Responses to Back To Life

  • Anjuli says:

    seeing buds makes me so happy! we see forsythia, yellow daffodils, pink tulips, magenta rhododendron bushes, grape hyacinths, and some amazing white-flowering trees!

  • Dogwoods are starting already! Seemed like the daffodils & forsythia were weeks late, then the Bradford pears caught up fast, then the weeping cherry trees & redbuds, but I'm surprised to see dogwoods so soon. It was like BOOM–bloom!

  • Sandra says:

    We're finally seeing signs of spring around here and happy for all of them. This Saturday, 4/10, is our 15th Sheep Shearing Day at Thistle Cove Farm. This one day each year, we're open to the public, free of charge, to let folks see a working day on a sheep and horse farm.
    While sheep are being shorn, heritage crafts will be demonstrated, home made hot food and drink sold and lots of fun for all.
    Shearing starts around 9 and small flock is shorn by noon and rest of day is given over to fun.
    I apologize for the short notice and hope you can come. It's a beautiful valley, remote, rural; directions on website .
    Lastly, I'm asking our county library to purchase your books, they look fabulous!

  • Cindy says:

    Beautiful pics!


  • Amber says:

    Wineberry everywhere greening up, our cherry trees putting on leaves, tomato, basil, and eggplant seedlings are up, and chamomile and catnip taking off like champs!

    The birds are back. Daffodils are up, dandelions are fermenting into wine in my kitchen, poke is trying to consume the entire yard, and life is BACK! *happy dance*

  • CallieK says:

    Up here in the frozen tundra ( aka Toronto, Canada) we are usually a good month or so behind you but we had a mild winter and a very early spring with temps well above seasonal. I have rhubarb up , peas and rapini already in the ground, and I've been eating spring onions for a about a week now!

  • Beth says:

    I just got back from a week's vacation, and suddenly the garden is a-bloom! I just did a post with some pictures of my newly blooming garden; you can see it at

    I LOVE hyacinths!