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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brrr!!! I don’t know where you’re calling from, but around here, it’s cold! It was 22 degrees Farenheit when we woke this morning. Even Fly, our thick-coated German Shepherd, wasn’t all that interested in hanging out on the porch and barking at the forest this evening, as is her typical nightly routine.

The cats are all snuggled into various warm spots around the house (in fact, two interlopers are curled up on the bed with Huxley and I as I type this!), both dogs are lying atop living room furniture (yes, we indulge our animals-frankly, I’d rather have marred furniture than uncomfortable buddies), I’m in my flannel jammies (last year’s much-loved holiday gift from my sweet sister Devan) and wool cardigan, Hubs is in multiple layers, and Huxley is warm as warm can be, still suited up from his day spent in a cozy, comfy fleece onesie.

Our tiny babe is acclimating to daytime snoozes in the moses basket under the warm cover of his organic cotton blanket, lovingly crocheted this past summer by his dear aunt Theo, my youngest sister. He’s also getting into enjoying our newly acquired gently used Ergo carrier, riding around the kitchen with me this afternoon while I drank tea, fed the cats, and danced (tonight’s roster included everything from Gwen Stefani to Gnarls Barkley, Kayne West to M.I.A., and Elliot Smith to Iron & Wine). It’s nice to have my hands free while keeping my little “munchie” in close sight.

Stay warm, friends, wherever you are!

6 Responses to Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  • Amanda says:

    How adorable he is!! We're braving some freezing weather here too, all snuggled up with kids and dogs! Stay warm! xo

  • Danielle says:

    Huxley is adorable and looks very snuggly warm!

    I'd love to hear your reviews and experiences with the Ergo; I've put one on my wishlist for our baby due in April.

  • Greyson says:

    Danielle-Definitely get the Ergo. It is the one piece of baby gear I personally believe every new mommy should own. I am sure Ashley will vouch! We still use ours with our 3 1/2 year old on really long hikes!!
    Ashley- sounds like things are fabulous! The snow is a treat and so unexpected! Lots of crafts and chasing the dogs around here! Have fun!

  • Helena says:

    Danielle–My Ergo was a lifesaver. My daughter was one of those babies who did not want to be put down. Ever. Babywearing was the way we both survived that phase with sanity intact. :)

    I also used a ring sling and a mei tai when she was tiny, but the Ergo was by far the most comfortable for me and also holds kids much longer than either of the others I mentioned.

  • annemarie says:

    Ergos are made of magic. I've used three carriers with my girl and though they were all great, the Ergo is the most useful and versatile.

    Huxley is so cute in his little fuzzy sleeper! I love baby frog legs and sleepers. Snuggle.

  • Isabella says:

    Lovely photos!

    With two kids I have to say that Ergo was by far the best carrier we tried. Mei Tai works when they are small, but don't offer the support that Ergo does. My son is almost two and very big and heavy and I still can fit him comfortably in the Ergo. I would also recommend the peekaro vest that can be found online. I used it a lot in the cold months.