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At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum

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Each morning, the sun seems to flood my bedroom a little bit earlier. Each evening, darkness falls a wee bit later. The days, they’re stretching far and wide, long and open. And ever since Huxley put the kibosh on napping (unless we’re in the car!), the time spent keeping a toddler occupied is rather vast, as of late.

Which is why what Liz Sniegocki of A Natural Nester has created is so incredibly exciting. How does a budget-minded, 8-week, nature-based e-curriculum sound? One riddled with kid-friendly lessons, outdoor activities, indoor projects, arts & crafts, recipes, field trip ideas, book & media suggestions, and more in a full-color PDF you can read on your computer screen or tablet, or print out? It sounds supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, is how it sounds, friends. All of this for $39, minus a 15% discount for small measure readers (enter promo code: SMALLMEASURE at check out)!

Liz designed the program for children ages 5-11, but it’s completely adaptable for all ages. The curriculum is based around weekly themes of natural world exploration, including:
~An Edible Garden
~The Night Sky
~At the Beach
~A Spot in the Shade
~Ponds & Frogs
~Rain, Rain
~Wildflowers & Bees
~Sun Fun

For each of the eight weekly themes you’ll receive:
*A kid-friendly lesson to share with your children about the weekly theme.
*Engaging activities & projects for both the indoors and outdoors such as Batik Star Maps, a Shadow Sundial, a Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt, and more.
*Kid-approved recipes & kitchen projects including Honey Herb Lemonade, Farm-Fresh Egg Salad, Honey Popcorn Planets, and more.
*Fun and affordable field trip ideas, such as Take a Dip in a Swimming Hole, Blast Off to Space – A Virtual Field Trip, Take a Puddle Walk, and more.
*Step-by-step arts & crafts tutorials, including Raindrop-Inspired Watercolor Painting, Icarus Myth Peg Dolls, Local Fruit & Veggie Stamping, and more.
*Theme-related book & media suggestions to explore and enjoy.

Also included in your 8-week eCurriculum are two free bonus projects that can be used and added to all summer long!
* Keep a Nature Journal
A guide for how to set-up and keep a record of nature observations and reflections using the written word and images.

* Create a Curio Cabinet
Learn how to transform a wall cabinet, shelf, or even a shoebox into a naturalist’s cabinet for collected nature objects such as shells, feathers, insect specimens, rocks, dried flowers, and more.
I’m beyond thrilled to be included as one of the “camp counselors” in the curriculum. My fellow educators include:
*Sarah of Imagine Childhood
*Kara of Simple Kids
*Suz of Slow Family Online 
*Valarie of Jump Into a Book
*Heather of Shivaya Naturals
*Cerys of Nature and Play
*Linda of Natural Suburbia
*Leah of Skill It
*Amy of Mama Scout
*Stephanie of Wellness By Design
*Debi of Go Explore Nature
*Shawn of Awesomely Awake
*Liz of A Natural Nester
*Kat of Creative Playhouse
*Gina of Connecting Family & Seoul
*Erin of Exhale. Return to Center.

If you’ve got wee ones in your life and are looking for ways to keep them occupied while engaging their curiosity and aiding them as they learn and explore, do check out the curriculum Liz has created. She clearly has poured a great deal of passion and love into it.

Happy adventuring!

2 Responses to At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum

  • KC says:

    So fantastic! I will definitely get this!

  • Georgette says:

    This appears to be an ideal way to not only teach children but to give them opportunities for creative inspiration. Bravo to all of the participating contributors and to you Ashley for supporting their efforts.