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An (Almost) Winter’s Day

Huxley and I took a walk down to the mailbox today. I gave the UPS guy permission when he dropped off a package last week to just give me a call with future deliveries and leave them on the mailbox. Our driveway is insanely bad right now (more of a ‘challenge’ than a driveway, really), so driving a big, brown parcel truck up this craggy canyon of a drive is no one’s idea of a good time. When resources allow, it’s the first thing we intend to repair. 
The walk was a splendid one. We live in what’s called Hominy Valley, and our driveway begins on Hominy Creek. The Hominy Valley Wildlife Club greets all of our guests on the road to the house and boasts gun shots every Thursday night when the dudes of the valley (I’ve yet to seen any ladies there) get together for chatting and target practice. 
I love walking the property this time of year. There are all of these wild, magnificent berries and the dried flora of summer & autumn provide graphic landscapes of whites and greys. It’s also the best time of year to view the creek crossed when you reach the “English 98” sign on our road, as well as the most ideal time to make out the mountain ridge line behind the house. 
Huxley dug it, and so did I. Small pleasures. 
*If you want to see more from our jaunt (including me looking innocently off camera in my new specs), go here.

10 Responses to An (Almost) Winter’s Day

  • Kate says:

    When I first read that last part it was like “the most ideal time to make out” haha :)

  • Michele says:

    just look at that sweet baby in those extra pictures, walking AND carrying!

    so grown!

  • Grace says:

    Beautiful! I just love your location, Ashley. I imagine that you get a lot more seasonal effect there than here in Atlanta. It's so peaceful there, too (except, apparently, for Thursdays.)

    I thought your driveway was fun in my big old pickup truck, but then, I only had to do it once. Do you find, though, that you have to be really organized about getting everything you need while you are out? I would imagine it is a bit of an undertaking to just “run to the store” for something.

  • Huxley is too cute and your property is gorgeous!

  • elisa says:

    gorgeous, lovely to see where you live. such a sweet house! x

  • Gini says:

    Your countryside is so beautiful!

  • I know that this is none of my business, but I live in rural Southeast Ohio and as I looked at your pictures taken during your walk, all I could think about is to hope that you wear blaze orange when out walking. Sometimes hunters lose track of where they are relative to homes and driveways or roads and although “you're” not hunting, it's best to be sure that everyone in the woods knows that when they see just a flash of movement. It looks like a beautiful route and I would enjoy it as well – thanks for sharing the pictures!

  • What a wonderful walk!

    Almost winter… I really hope there is no snow in my near future. Although I simply could not live in a place it doesn't snow I'm just not ready for it yet!

  • Karajeanne says:

    I'm glad I found your blog…I lived in Asheville in 2003, and I've never been able to let go of those mountains…my husband and I have talked for years about moving back, my Sister liked it so much when she visited me she moved there 2 years later…It's getting closer, I can feel it, in the meantime I can live vicariously through you, you're a girl after my own heart!

  • mandi says:

    These pictures…they show why I have such a crush on North Carolina. All that beauty…sigh…