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A Perfect Day

Yesterday was nothing short of amazing. It was full of love, and laughter, and food, and rain, and fog, and cuddles, and everything I hold dear. If it set the tone for the coming year, it’s going to be a very, very good one, friends.

Highlights included:
*This book and this book from Hubs (along with a gorgeous, but too large, ring from Nervous System and a stunning, large, low, glazed hand-thrown ceramic plant pot).
*Hearty pancake breakfast at the Pisgah Inn (we were sat at the window, so we could watch the fast-rolling fog move by).
*Fog & rain-clad hike at Graveyard Fields (we powered through it and went all the way to the Upper Falls-so worth the deluge we experienced on the way back to the parking lot).
*Pretzels and cheese picked up at Pisgah Inn’s country store for the rainy drive home.
*Gift certificates from family members that enabled me to score these lovely sandals I’ve had my eye on.
*A hot bath with my boy.
*My sister Devan fishtail braiding my hair.
*A homemade libation consisting of: Firefly mint vodka, Shrub and Co. ginger shrub, Izze’s lemon & lime soda, lemon juice and fresh mint (recipe to come, I promise!).
*Local grass-fed beef burgers with homemade pimento cheese (the recipe will be in the new book!), my Persian pickles, and a corn/roasted red pepper/cilantro skillet side, courtesy of chef-extraordinnaire, Hubs.
*This cake, lovingly baked by my sweet, sweet sisters. Have mercy. I ate 3 slices (!!!), and then rolled myself off to bed.

It was simple, sweet, and grand. My idea of a perfect day.

If you want to see more from our hike at Graveyard Fields, go here.

UPDATE!!! If you want to make my birthday libation, here you go:

The Goods:
*12 ounces Firefly Vodka
*2 12 ounce bottles of Izze Fizzies (lemon, lime, or citrus flavor of your choice)
*Juice of 1 lemon
*3 Tablespoons ginger shrub
*A few cups of ice for the pitcher, and ice cubes for the glasses
*Mint leaf and lemon slice for garnish
The Deal:
-Mix all of the liquids together in a tall pitcher. Add several ice cubes.
-Place additional ice cubes in pint-size glasses and pour the beverage over them.
-Garnish with fresh mint leaves and a lemon slice.

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