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50 Ways To Warm Your Nugget

So, the Warming was a delight. We’ve got such an amazing cast of beloved friends and family. Although no official toll was conducted, I’m guessing around 50 folks came to help us warm the hearth for the little fella. Hubs, Nugs, and I are truly blessed.

In addition to mingling and chatting and giggling and guffawing (not to mention generous gift-giving!!!), the evening consisted of gorging on these libations and victuals:

To quench the palate~
-Hard Apple Cider
-Pumpkin Ale
-Whiskeyed Fresh Apple Cider with Whole Spices & Honey
-Sparkling Apple Cider
-Fresh Apple Cider

To appeal to the savory side of life~
-Local Grit Cakes (to be topped with the next three dishes; an homage to “Hominy Valley”, the area here in Candler where we live)
-Local Wild Lobster Mushroom Ragu
-Local Blackened Catfish
-Andouille Chicken Sausage with Apples
-End of Summer Ratatouille
-Local Scuppernog & Muscadine grapes
-Dried Apple Slices
-A selection of Ashe County Cheeses
-Local Pumpkin Butter
-Homemade Cardamom Apple Butter
-Homemade Fig & Orange Compote
-A selection of Farm & Sparrow breads
-Mixed Greens Salad with my mom’s apples, local fennel, and a pickled cherry vinaigrette

To satiate the sweet tooth~
-Molasses Ginger Crinkles
-Fig, Pistachio, & Olive Oil Cake with Cream Cheese Orange Frosting
-DIY Smores station around the fire ring, with Cardamom & Maple marshmallows from Whimsy & Spice Confectioners, Midel graham crackers, & an assortment of chocolates

To take away, in recognition of our abiding love and gratitude~
-Tiny jars of cardamom apple butter (with lovely, custom labels generously gifted by the talented Cyn of River Dog Prints)
-Tiny brown paper sacks of Martha’s Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Thanks to everyone who came, feasted, and assisted in any way. We three Englishes love you dearly.

7 Responses to 50 Ways To Warm Your Nugget

  • EcoGrrl says:

    gorgeous spread!!! and a pic of you present day too – love LOVE the outfit!

  • Callie says:

    mmm… everything look wonderful and must have tasted better.

  • Christine says:

    The menu sounds delicious and the “nugget warming” looks like it was a wonderful party to celebrate the little guy's upcoming arrival!

  • Bonner says:

    I oh-so wish I could have been there! Hope you can feel the warming waves beaming out from across the country. The farther they travel, the stronger they get, you know… So excited for you guys.

  • Bonner says:

    Oh-so wish I could have been there, Ash! Hope you can feel the waves of warming beaming from across the country… they get stronger the farther they travel, you know.
    So excited for you guys…

  • Anonymous says:

    I love reading your blog. Your “nugget warming” looked like so much fun and filled with lots of love. Best wishes on Nugget's upcoming arrival! — Jan

  • jennifer says:

    aggh, horrible timing, since little one is now here, but if you ever get a chance: where (if anywhere) did you register and what did you register for? thanks and congrats!